Different Types of World-Class Burglar Proofing Now Available at Sequre

One of the basics of human needs (according to Maslow) is the need for security and safety. This need has become particularly prevalent in South Africa where crime rates have skyrocketed and not many people feel safe any longer. One of the best preventative measures to take is to install burglar proofing. While burglar proofing is usually associated with unappealing iron bars in front of windows, new innovations in the security industry have led to the development of highly effective, yet attractive burglar proofing. At Sequre, you will find a range of different types of security measures for windows. This includes the following:

  • Retractable Security Barriers: Instead of the usual bars, these retractable barriers work on the same principle as sliding security gates for doors. These gates are fitted to the window, and can be opened and closed as needed. This allows for good ventilation while also providing outstanding security. These are made of steel and can be designed with a slam lock, which will automatically lock the barrier upon closing. They are particularly well suited to windows that are difficult to open when there are bars in the way, and the barrier can be retracted to provide a clear view once the window is closed.
  • AluSequre Grille: These are solid, and can be fastened to aluminium windows. They are tamper proof and usually come in a standard size. They can be painted to suit any environment.
  • Sequre Guard: This type of burglar proofing consists of solid bars that are fastened to the interior of the window. They can be customised to fit any type or size of window and come with fasteners, which are completely tamper proof. They can also be painted to suit the colour scheme around them to make them less visible.
  • Roller Shutters: For those who need some more solid burglar proofing, roller shutters are the ideal solution. These are the heavyweights of security and are commonly used to protect shopfront windows or doors, but they can be just as useful at private residences. Roller shutters are made of steel, and can be ordered in a solid or Fenestra format, and in a wide variety of colours. They can also be custom made to fit any space, door, or window. These roller shutters have a motorised open and close mechanism, which makes them very easy to operate.
  • DIY Range: If you are looking for a range that you can install yourself, you can speak to our consultants at Sequre for a DIY burglar proofing solution. We will advise you on the ideal product for your environment, and this will help you to make a more informed decision. We will also provide tips on the installation and maintenance of your DIY burglar proofing.

If you are looking for super-effective burglar proofing that will safeguard you, your family, and your possessions, come to Sequre! We have all the security solutions and different types of barriers you need to stay safe and to prevent intruders from entering your private spaces. Our team is always on standby to support and help our clients to make the best choices, and our products have a lifetime guarantee! Speak to us today for more information.