Why You Need Sliding Security Gates

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Why You Need Sliding Security Gates at Your Office and/or Home

With the crime rate as high as it is, security has become a large industry in South Africa. Some of the most innovative safety solutions are developed in this country due to the large demand for complete and utter peace of mind. Break-ins have become a common event, and it is no longer viable to reside in this country without employing some effective measures to protect assets and family. Business premises are also under fire, and a lot of money is being invested by businesses in safety solutions to secure their premises, its contents, and employees.

One of the safety measures that provides outstanding security and other benefits are sliding security gates. These are gates that can be pulled across any open space to prevent access, and can be used outdoors and indoors.

Sliding security gates have many benefits. Firstly, they are safe. Because most types of security gates are made from reinforced steel, they are virtually impenetrable and very durable. They can withstand great impact, and the locks are solid enough to keep the gate closed and secure under great duress. While most people associate sliding gates with unattractive bars in front of a door, the modern designs available on the market today are very attractive, and they bring all the benefits without the ugly aesthetics. They are usually available in a range of colours that allows them to blend into the surrounding environment easily, creating a feeling of open space.

In addition to great looks and solid design, sliding security doors are also helpful in other ways. If you need airflow or good ventilation through a space, but do not feel safe leaving a door open, a sliding gate is the only answer. Air can easily travel through the gate to provide the necessary ventilation and outstanding safety. These gates are also great at letting in light when needed, and this can help to warm up a room without the use of a heater. It, therefore, also saves on energy costs!

Sliding security gates come with a variety of locks that work in different ways. It is also possible to get a combination of locks on the same door, and some of them even work with remote control options. The best option is usually to get a slam lock gate.

These allow the door to be slammed shut, and it is immediately locked in place. If an intruder chases someone indoors or if a secure place is needed in a hurry, a slam lock gate can be invaluable. The installation of sliding gates is also likely to lower insurance premiums, because better safety is provided to shield assets and people from intruders, and therefore, risk is decreased.

At Sequre, we stock the most innovative ranges of sliding gates available on the market. We can also custom create tailor-made sliding security gates for your space, and you can choose the design and colour that will suit your environment the best. We also provide a lifetime guarantee! If your sliding gates are breached or broken, we will refund, replace, or repair your gate. Contact our team at Sequre for more information!

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