Sequre Retractable Barriers is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of high quality, custom made galvanized steel/ Powder coated Security Barriers to the domestic, commercial and industrial market for more than 21 years.
Why Sequre

There is only one best fit - time and time again - Sequre

Before you invest unwisely be sure to complete this guide checksheet with each “comparative” opposition quote.
You receive – not all are equal, do not play with safety and security. You will notice if you have done due diligence.

All this is what sets our service and delivery apart from the rest.

By now you have realised no other “comparative” opposition company come close to matching our service, however, lets make things even worse for them…and see how they fair when it comes to the product?

Product features (the second part you are buying – the part that could be tested by potential burglars- so beware of the guy that says “a gate is a gate”, “i might not have all these “fancy features, but i am the cheapest” – don’t let that salesman sell you – these words will come back and bite you…

Best priced combined with all we offer is great – cheapest with “a gate is gate” sales pitch is well…the cheapest.

There is a lot going on in here – just some vital differences, our sales consultants will explain everything you need to know.

burglar proofing

Our Valued Clients

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