If you don’t sleep well at night because you are concerned for the safety of your family then consider the benefits of retractable security gates for your home.

 Sleep Better at Night

 If you have effective barriers between your room and the main living area as well as the interior and outdoor environment, you will be able to sleep better at night. The criminals must first break through the barriers to get in and then must also break through the hallway or room barrier to get to you or your loved ones. With such, you will keep the keys within your family’s reach, but out of reach for criminals.

 Rather than waking up in the middle of the night to check doors and windows because you don’t have added security you can now get well deserved rest. If you prefer more freedom of movement in the house, create strong barriers at the windows, but select retractable types. The reason is straightforward – you don’t want to be trapped inside should a fire break out or someone threaten your life inside the house. With the retractable security gates, you can slide the gates open in an instant and get out through the window.

 Even if you love your freedom of movement indoors, still consider retractable security gates for your home’s hallways and rooms. You can leave the doors open, but should a criminal threaten you inside you can slam-lock the door within seconds to protect against the attack.

 Effective Criminal Deterrent

 You often hear people say that if a criminal wants to get in, he will. It is indeed, a true statement, but also take note that criminals look for easy prey first. When you install high quality retractable security doors for your home, you make your house less attractive to the criminals. Chances are that they will go to the next house or apartment that is easier to break into. If you are concerned for your neighbour, then also introduce him or her to our retractable security gates and at the end of the day, the entire street or neighbourhood may become so difficult to penetrate that the criminals will look for other avenues.

 Lower Insurance Costs and Increase Home Value

 Real estate agents will agree that most home buyers in South Africa look for houses with extra security. Well secured homes are more in demand and will reach better prices. You thus immediately add value to your home by installing retractable security gates at your home. Be sure to also install the gates at the outbuildings and by doing so, reduce monthly insurance premiums as the insurers show their appreciation for your pro-active security steps through lower premiums since the risk of loss is reduced.

 Protect Valuables When Not at Home

 It takes only a few seconds to cut normal burglar bars on the windows or to smash one of the big windows and grab valuable items such as cell phones, laptops, hi-fi sets, printers, and CD-players. If undetected, they can even clean out a house in 30 minutes or so. 

 Make it as difficult for the criminals to succeed as possible. Don’t play with your financial security, peace of mind, and safety of your family. Let us help you secure your home effectively. Request a quote today.