Criminals look for easy targets and if your house is more difficult to get into than surrounding houses, they will rather go for the less risky options. We share a few tips to prevent burglary attempts and success below.

retractable security doors Create a perimeter

Although high walls protect against preying eyes looking for what can be stolen, the walls are easier to scale than palisade fences. If you can rather opt for extra strong and high palisade fencing that will be difficult to get over than normal wire fences or walls. The palisade also leaves the front area open for inspection and burglars don’t like to be exposed.

Trim the garden

If you have any thick bushes that can serve as hide-away places, trim the branches immediately to minimise hiding spots. Burglars often wait in the bushes until you exit your garden or go to sleep before they break in.

Intrusion detection

Get dogs, an alarm system and motion detection lights to warn you regarding possible intrusions and to act as deterrents.

Change your routine often

One of the tips to prevent burglary attempts often ignored is to change your routine often. Burglars prefer houses where they know exactly how many people are inside and when people will return from work. Although it may be difficult to change your work schedule always try to have movement in the house. Invest in an automatic on and off system for activating music, lights and sound in the house so as to fool lurking criminals.

Secure out-buildings

Storage rooms, garages and garden sheds are often the targets of burglaries. Paint or frost the windows to make it difficult for the criminals to see inside. Also add retractable security gates and window shutters as available from us. Mark all your garden tools and any items you store in out-buildings with a bright yellow paint marking. Criminals don’t like to steal items which are easy to identify as stolen. By securing all the outbuildings you also prevent criminals from using such as hide-away spaces.

Don’t hire from the street

Don’t hire people without doing thorough background checks. Make copies of their ID document, and if you make use of a garden service or house cleaning service company, review their history before allowing them in the garden.

Don’t let construction workers or any type of workers in without supervision

Telephone installers, municipal workers and construction crews often use the opportunity when they work at your home to peak into windows, check your routine and to identify any weak areas in your security. Always have supervision onsite and close all rooms not applicable for their specific tasks. Don’t allow the workers to be in front and at the back of the house at the same time.

Security gates

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to prevent burglaries is to install retractable security doors and roll-down shutters at all doors and windows to your house. Review our full list of products and services and call for a quote today.