Burglar Proofing

Security Bars for Sale – Keep Burglars Out.

There are many different types of burglar bars on the market, which can be beneficial for you. More choices mean you can select a window bar that’s perfect for your house’s design, strong enough to keep burglars out and light on your pocket.

However, knowing this, it can be difficult to choose which of the security bars for sale are correct for your windows.

Tips to Choose between Security Bars for Sale

Windows, similar to doors, are the main risk areas as these provide easy access to the home. Thus, you can’t neglect them when installing your anti-burglar system. To decide between the various levels of protection that burglar barriers can provide, answer these questions about each window:

Burglar Proofing

  • Where is the window located – front garden or backyard?
  • Are there any valuables in the room to which the entrance leads?
  • Will it affect the look of the house if it has burglar bars installed?
  • What size opening does it leave for criminals to gain access or exit?
  • Does it have a stunning view of something which you’d like to preserve?

Not all windows require the same level of protection. This means you can look for less expensive security bars for sale by analysing each entry point separately.

Locating High-risk Areas in Your Home

Break-ins occur for multiple reasons, but most of the time, criminals will seek out a house that seems unprotected and easy to achieve a successful robbery. It’s safe to say that any road-facing windows are more at risk than others.

If the potential burglars see only entrances with steel barring on them, then they’ll be more likely to think that all access points are secured and walk away. However, this does not mean you should leave any unprotected places for those determined thieves to get in, especially rooms where you have valuable items or where loved ones sleep.

What Do You Have To Protect?

Determining if the room is high-risk also relies upon what’s inside. If it’s only the washroom, and there’s already a security gate between it and the rest of the house, it’s a low-risk area. If you’ve got a big flat-screen television, a sound system and fancy sofas in the room, then that area is at high risk.

By installing security bars for sale, you hinder the ability to see what’s inside, which gives less reason for a criminal to attempt gaining entrance.

Apart from windows that give you a magnificent view of nature, the city or the ocean, it’s in your best interest to make windows difficult to see through. Where you don’t want to take away the view but still need protection and block burglars from seeing what you have, it’s best to install roller shutters.

Security Bars for Sale at Sequre

Both the AluSequre Grille and Sequre Guard window barriers come with tamper-proof fasteners. This means their screws can’t be undone with just any tool. The first is a 12 x 12 bar with horizontal lines of protection, whereas the second features vertical and horizontal barring and is made custom to your size requirements.

The third option is the Status burglar barriers, which are thin enough to leave space for blinds but also strong and durable to keep thieves out. These get fitted to all sides of the window frame and feature vertical barring.

We also stock retractable and swing gates to secure doors, as well as roller shutters for home or commercial use. Browse our range of security bars for sale and place your order online.