The Best Security Gates for Every Home

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Secure Your Home in Style: The Best Security Gates for Every Home.

When it comes to selecting security barriers, taking a “one type fits all” approach is not sufficient. That’s why we at Sequre offer a range of security gates designed to meet diverse needs and preferences. Ensuring the security of your home is crucial, and our gates are not only stylish but also highly effective.

In this article, we’ll explore our selection of security gates to show how you can secure your home in style.

Sequre’s Selection of Security Gates

In order to cater for different requirements and preferences, we offer four stylish ranges. One collection is intended for the DIY market. We also provide roller shutters and retractable security barriers, which require professional installation by a trained, experienced Sequre team.

The fourth range consists of our attractive, yet highly effective burglar bars, securely fitted on all four sides of windows. Three aesthetic styles are available – AluSequre Grille, Sequre Guard, and Burglar Bars – the latter inspired by the style of our retractable gates.

Retractable Security Gates

Our retractable security barriers are designed to offer the best of two worlds, by providing an ultimate level of safety when closed, as well as a clear, unencumbered view of the home’s outdoor areas when open. Two ranges are on offer, namely our Panther gates and our Status option.

These 5mm thick, bolt-cutter resistant gates are known to have a significant deterrent value too, because would-be intruders recognise that it’s extremely difficult, almost impossible, to breach our retractable barriers, which are neatly fitted to window and door openings.

Roller Shutters

Versatile roller shutters may be fitted to secure windows, doors, patios, passages, access to stairways, and more locations, depending on the type that’s chosen. Two variants are on offer from us – roller shutters made of aluminium and those manufactured of galvanised steel.

The latter steel products may be used to secure shop fronts, driveway entrances that can accommodate a roll-up barrier, patios, factories, warehouses, and loading zones. Roller shutters are an excellent, more secure option with which to replace standard garage doors. Customers have a choice of product-dependent slat types.

Burglar Doors

DIY Gates

Known as Sequregate, our DIY products are welded swing gates, available for standard-sized doorways in a range of appealing styles with which to complement every equally stylish home. Gates feature a Star Key Double Pin Lock system for enhanced security.

First and Last Line of Defence – Security Barriers

The crucial importance of having high-quality, highly effective security gates installed in every home cannot be overemphasised. Security gates are one’s first or last line of defence, depending on your perspective.

Either way, these products are intended to protect the dwelling’s occupants – the homeowner and family, plus everyone’s hard-earned, prized possessions – the elements that transform a house into a home, a family’s safe sanctuary.

Selecting Sequre

We at Sequre specialise in the design, manufacture, and installation of practical, effective high security barriers. Our gate ranges are highly popular and sought-after products that effectively address and surpass the security challenges faced in the modern South African context.

We have a lifetime guarantee in place on the barriers that we install. Free of charge, we’ll repair or replace any products that have been breached or refund the customer. A 7-year workmanship guarantee also applies, which is a clear indication that we stand by the systems we supply and install.

Secure your home in style with the best cutting-edge security gates today. Contact us for prompt, professional attention and state-of-the-art security solutions.

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