security gates

You Are As Secure as Your Weakest Point.

Ensuring your property and possessions and most importantly, your family are secure is a wise decision in today’s’ world of thefts and break-ins. While there are many security options on offer, one of the most effective forms is to install a security gate on every door, and burglar bars on every window.

It is important to remember that just because it is called a security door, it may not necessarily do the job. Some security gates are made from inferior materials and it wouldn’t take much for an unwanted intruder to break in. Obviously, if you live or work in an area where there is minimal crime and break-ins, then perhaps you only need a security gate for your home’s front and back doors. However, if you feel you are at high risk, consider a security gate at every other access point to your home or office, and ensure that they are fitted with reliable and quality locks.

Get Only the Best

A security gate is there to protect you and your loved ones, your home, your business, and your possessions. You may think that having an alarm or cameras outside your property will be enough of a deterrent, but by the time the alarm has gone off, it will more than likely be too late. The unwanted intruders will have been in and out in no time, before the security company responds. Never skimp on quality to save a few pennies. Rather invest in a security gate that is strong and impenetrable. Sequre believes in only the best quality offerings and a lifetime guarantee on our products. We ensure that our products adhere to SABS guidelines and specifications.

When criminals want to break into your home or office, it is more than likely they would have scouted the premises prior to doing so.  A quality security gate will withstand any such an attempt. When your security gate is properly installed, or better still, bolt cutter resistant, then you will be as safe as houses.

Panther Gate

This gate is bolt cutter resistant and our premium product. Install a Panther security gate on every door and you will have complete peace of mind. The Panther gates are tamper-resistant, have 5mm thick cross flights, and provide the maximum protection.

Status Gate

This offering is an equally good option. It has slightly thinner cross flights of 3mm, two separate locks, and still guarantees protection for you and your loved ones.

Installing a security gate on every point of access in your home or business is one of the first things you should consider, before even moving in. Get us to assess and advise you on how we can ensure that your property is completely burglar proof and safe. We will give you a quote that is cost-effective and competitive. There is no better feeling than knowing your property is secured and well protected.

At Sequre, we do the bulk of our manufacturing off-site, meaning you incur minimal disruption. Our installations are hassle-free and efficient.

If you have burglary deterrents, your insurance premiums will likely decrease, and the value of your property will increase. Everyone wants to live and work in a safe and secure environment.

Go for the best. Choose Sequre.