The Benefits of Security Shutters

Securing Spaces: The Benefits of Security Shutters

As a leading company that specialises in the provision of effective physical security measures, Sequre supplies a variety of security barriers to commercial role players as well as directly to the security-conscious South African public, since personal and property safety is of great concern to all. To this end, our strong, durable security shutters represent one of our most sought-after options.

Why Sequre’s Security Shutters are Sought-After

Sequre boasts a proud legacy of some 20 years. We and our products, like our security shutters, are the obvious choice representing excellence, plus a commitment and dedication to the security of our customers and the safeguarding ability of our products.

Securing Your Lifestyle, Loved Ones and Possessions

Your peace of mind and the quality of your safe and secure lifestyle are as important to us as it is to you. As a result, our sterling reputation is built on maintaining and elevating the security measures that determine the safety of your loved ones and prized possessions.

Additionally, by securing your trust in our ability to provide truly secure barrier products, we illustrate the core value of our business.

Sequre’s Own Patents and Designs

During our lifespan to date, we have acquired several patents and registered numerous designs, all of which enhance the strength, break-through resistance and durability of our physical security barriers as well as our secure roller shutters.

Two Variants

Our security roller shutters are offered in two variants, each with various options. The two variants on offer consist of security shutters made of powder-coated aluminium, available in different colours, or steel, which is galvanised for a trendy, industrial look, or also powder-coated with colour options.

Sequre’s steel security shutters may be motorised or operated via a gear, push or chain-driven system. These barriers are suitable for industrial and residential use where and when a high-level security application is required.

Aluminium roller shutters, designed for residential use, provide a more elegant, sophisticated look, thanks to aluminium’s lightweight and powder-coated finish, with which to complement the home’s more refined style.

These attractive, streamlined products are ideal for providing various degrees of domestic privacy when installed at doorways, passages, windows, hatches, staircases and patios. Roller security shutters also offer a clear, unobstructed view to the outside when fully opened or rolled up, where the product forms a cylinder that rests at the top of the opening until otherwise required – as an effective, protective security barrier.

Ground-Breaking Guarantees

Our top-notch standard of workmanship carries a 10-year guarantee, while certain barriers carry a lifetime break-in resistance guarantee, which is subject to terms and conditions.

Extended Nationwide Network

With a network of equally dedicated agents, located throughout South Africa and extended beyond our borders on the African continent, we’re able to offer and install our top-quality security roller shutters and more. Sequre’s shutter designs benefit a multitude of customers, people who value a combination of great aesthetics, security and safety at their residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Safeguarding All

Security should not be compromised. If it is a top priority to you, then contact us to obtain a quote for your security shutters and additional measures. We look forward to helping you safeguard all that is precious and dear to you and your family or colleagues.

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