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Swing or Folding Security Gates – Make Your Choice.

Whether or not to upgrade the security at your house is up to you. However, having top-quality barriers between you and criminals is essential to ensure your family’s safety at night.

Doors, windows and the entrance to your garden are the focal points that you should work on to keep burglars out. They can’t do you any harm without easy access in and out of the property, and this makes folding security gates a must.

There are two main types of safety barriers that can be used at your home, namely,  swing and folding security gates. Although roller shutters can also provide excellent protection of valuables and block thieves, they’re not typically installed at the front door.

Where to Install Retractable Security Gates

Both folding and swing options can be used to prevent a break-in, making both types suitable for buffing up the safety at your home. The importance of choosing which type to buy comes when deciding where to install the barriers.

Trelli Door Prices

Retractable options or folding gates are great for securing sliding glass doors or other large entrances. This is because these don’t take up additional space when they’re open as opposed to the swing options, which need at least the extra size of the gate to operate fully.

Another area you might choose to install retractable barriers is between the rest of the house and your sleeping quarters, as these barriers won’t make a narrow hallway feel even smaller when used.

Sequre offers you three folding gate types, including:

All of these can be customised to fit the doorway of your choosing and come with strategically placed stainless steel rivets for ultimate durability. The first two units mentioned come with a slam lock and deadlock combination, and the Status Eco version is installed with a slam lock. A deadlock can be added for additional security upon your request.

What makes these retractable barriers better than others is Sequre’s own patented lipped channel double uprights, which are galvanised. The galvanised finish makes them sturdier and protects the fixture against corrosion in the long term.

When to Choose a Swing Gate

Sequre’s swing gate units are equipped with a star key double pin lock system and form part of the DIY Range. Quotes are available online. These come in a variety of designs to fit the aesthetics of your home and are generally used for main entrances or anywhere else where a simple and easy to install gate is required.

As long as there’s space to open and close the gate properly, a swing unit can be installed.

Order Your Custom Folding Security Gates Today

We know how important it is to homeowners to safeguard their property without reducing the aesthetic appeal. Thus, custom colours, styles, and sizes can be selected to achieve your protection goals. With these options, you can secure your house in a stylish manner while protecting your loved ones and valuables.

Fill in the form on our website with the details of what you need for your swing or folding security gates to get a quick quote and start securing your home for the future.