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Secure Elegance: Enhancing Home Safety with Stylish Sliding Security Gates.

Despite the vital importance and absolute necessity of installing effective measures to safeguard your home, loved ones, and household contents, no one likes the look and feel of living behind bars, as if in a prison. However, sliding security gates at Sequre erase any likeness to such imprisonment.

Understandably, customers prefer the elegance of enhancing home safety with our range of stylish sliding security gates, which are attractive, neat additions to windows, doors, and interior passageways – any opening that requires an additional level of security.

Retractable Sliding Security Gates

Our recommended sliding security gates are retractable, meaning that these effective products offer excellent security when closed and locked, plus a clear, uninterrupted view when open. In short, the gates slide and retract, expand and close with ease on professionally fitted, level upper and lower tracks, which enable the gates to slide smoothly and effortlessly.

Dual Locking System

Locking the expanded sliding gates is almost automatic, because the gates are fitted with a combination of two separate locks that engage as soon as the sliders are slammed shut. Hence, one of this pair of strong, reliable locks is known as a “slam lock”.

Features of Elegant Sliding Security Gates

It’s important to be aware of the features and benefits of our state-of-the-art, elegant, and stylish sliding security gates, in order to understand and appreciate what’s on offer.

  • Professional installation is required to ensure that the retractable sliding security gates operate smoothly, which maximises their function as meaningful security barriers.
  • Gates’ cross flights are linked with our unique, patented power pin system that provides an enhanced level of strength and security.
  • Superior structural strength is provided by 4 rows of cross flights, each row spanning 3 uprights.
  • Our double-galvanised uprights feature a “lipped channel”, and are designed to combat corrosion, whilst offering effective strength.
  • All our sliding security gates feature our slam lock and deadlock combination.
  • Our unique installation technique is tamper resistant.
  • Stainless-steel rivets are fitted and fixed in strategic locations on our retractable sliding security gates, in order to provide maximum strength and break-in resistance.

Three Fundamental Sequre Choices

The above-mentioned features and benefits apply to almost all our sliding, retractable barriers, which nevertheless offer three fundamental choices, with differences as indicated below:

  • Panther gates – 5mm thick bolt-cutter-resistant cross flights
  • Status gate range – 3mm thick cross flights
  • Status Eco gates – 3 rows of 3mm cross flights that span 3 uprights, as well as one slam lock – with the option to add or include a deadlock.

Our Experience and Reputation

More than 21 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing a variety of security barriers to institutions and directly to members of the public, now enables us at Sequre to supply and distribute our security barrier ranges throughout South Africa and beyond this country’s borders. Our role as patent holders and owners of unique registered designs likewise serves us, and our customers, well.

Indications are that we have the potential to become South Africa’s preferred supplier and installer of retractable sliding security gates and more. Treat yourself to secure elegance and superior home safety solutions by getting in touch with us.

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