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Sequre Offers you a Comprehensive Range of Security Barriers.

If you have considered making your home or place of business more secure, why not visit Sequre for quality steel gates? We manufacture a complete range of security barriers and steel gates to protect your family or employees, property, and valuables. These include Roller Shutters, Retractable Security Barriers, Burglar Bars, and DIY products.

Let’s take a look at these products in more detail to find out what is right for you:

Roller Shutters: Style, Comfort and Security

The Roller Shutter is designed for your home or business and provides a stylish, comfortable solution to your security needs. The roller shutters are perfectly suited to various applications around the workplace or home, both internally and externally. From exteriors on high street shop windows to cordoning off passages and staircases, roller shutters will please the eye and provide security simultaneously. The roller shutter is also perfect for holiday lock-up-and-go premises, and is a convenient security solution for those looking to rent their properties out on Airbnb or other holiday letting websites, which can remain unoccupied and vulnerable for longer periods of time than the residential home.

steel gates

Retractable Security Barriers: Optimum Security 

Retractable security barriers are steel gates that retract horizontally and can be fitted with a slam lock. The retractable steel gates are barriers that will make sure that you and your family are safe. The retractable steel barriers are bolt cut-resistant and 5mm thick, therefore having a high breach threshold and is near impossible to breach without large and noisy industrial equipment. The retractable steel gates are perfect for home or commercial use.

Burglar Bars: Keep Your Home Safe  

Other than entries and exits, windows are also a target area for would-be intruders. The burglar bars are 16mm single upright bars fitted on all 4 sides of the window to make sure it is both very difficult to get through or remove. Proper installation of burglar bars is very important and Sequre can fit to all specifications. Badly fitted burglar bars are of no use, even if they are strong, because they can be removed from the structure. A snug fit also ensures that the burglar bars fit with the structure aesthetically, so that they do not detract from the home or office building they are securing. These burglar bars will keep your home safe and stylish.

DIY Products

The DIY slam lock system is ideal for passages, garage doors, side doors, and kitchen doors. This slam lock system works with a swing-away security gate or a welded swing gate, both of which are suitable for any of your security needs. The slam lock system enables the gate to be locked instantly by slamming the gate closed. This feature can save your life when the seconds count.

These products will keep your home or work premises safe, no matter where you are. Sequre is based in, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Pretoria. With 15 years of experience in the security business, we know all there is to know about steel gates and securing your personage, family employees, home, work and valuables.