sliding security gates

Space-Saving Safety Solutions – Sliding Security Gates

In South Africa today, there are barely any properties that don’t feature at least one gate – traditional or sliding security gates. Most incorporate more, particularly at the driveway and at doorways that lead into homes, offices, and other buildings on the same property.

Typical Types

People are conditioned to lock and unlock these functional security measures. However, when you’ve bought an unsecured property or you wish to improve your premises’ security, you focus on how many different types of these closures are available.

Operating Options

  • Sliding – the first type of security gate which takes up virtually no extra space, since it runs on a rail that’s installed close and parallel to the premises’ boundary or building’s walls – at the entrance to the property and/or at door openings. Because driveways are wide enough to admit vehicles, security gates’ operating space requirements are sized accordingly, other than for sliders or retractable units.
  • Swing – hinged on one side as a single unit for smaller openings like doorways, or hinged in pairs on two outer sides, parting in the middle and swinging open from there. These closures require adequate space to accommodate the length of the swing action when opening.
  • Turnstile – admits one person at a time, typically used at sporting events, in office buildings, and in certain public places.
  • Boom – a boom barrier isn’t a gate in the true sense, as this product comprises a horizontal wooden or steel pole that stops vehicles until they and their occupants are cleared to pass. The boom usually serves at a checkpoint that is raised and lowered manually; alternatively, it may be activated automatically via sensors or remotely controlled.
  • Retractable – the second of two security space-saving options. These units retract – concertina-like – to form a neat, vertical stack when fully opened.

In Our DNA

There’s a clue to our company’s specialised field of endeavour in our name – Sequre. As such, we focus on designing, manufacturing, providing, and installing products that qualify as true safety-enhancing solutions. Therefore, our product range reflects the effective, all-important safety aspect of each safety solution, which is integral to our DNA.

Sequre’s Sliders

The sliding security gates which we manufacture at Sequre are designed to be strong and durable and perform at their peak. Like all our other products, we also offer a lifetime guarantee that covers our sliders. Should any premises be broken into, we’ll repair or replace the damaged product free of charge or refund your original costs.

sliding security gates

Our sliding security gates consist of a strong, solid, and rigid frame that is filled in and fitted with vertical uprights that are strengthened further by the addition of at least four rows of cross-flights, depending on the required height of the closure.

Each set of cross-flights extends across three uprights, creating a design that resembles the trellis-like look of our retractable products, whilst functioning as a strong, tamper-resistant sliding security gate, fitted with a combined slam lock and deadlock.

As effective stand-alone safety solution, Sequre’s lookalike trellis sliding gates are aesthetically pleasing. By incorporating lookalike design to match the security gates at your main doorway to your driveway closure, the stylish street appeal of your property is simply stunning. Stylish, stunning, and secure – what more could you wish for?