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Get Slamlock Security Gates for Your Home or Office.

With the recent unrests in South Africa, it’s now clearer than ever how important it is to control access to your commercial or residential properties. Slamlock security gates prevent burglars from entering your residence and can even save your life. Sleep sound at night, knowing that you’ve taken the right measures to secure the safety of your valuables and loved ones. Buy security fixtures from Sequre, a trusted supplier with a track record of over 21 years.

Why Choose Slamlock Security Gates?

We make these gates to self-lock upon the closing action, eliminating the need for a key to secure the gate in an emergency. If you have to get all entrances blocked quickly, you can do so without hassle. For example, when you’re in a rush to go to work, drop the kids at school or have to erect a barrier between you and an attacker.

Below are the Key Benefits to Installing Our Security Gates:

  • Easy way to enforce access control.
  • Superior to padlock options.
  • Boosts the value of your home.
  • Allows fresh air through as compared to normal doors.
  • A range of designs allows for installation of the safety barriers in multiple places.

Sequre Range

Along with other products available from us, we offer customised units to fit your house style and safety needs. The units come in a wide range of colours to fit the aesthetics of your abode. We have two versions to choose from in the ready-made product category – our Panther Gates and the Status Eco Gates. Both have their own distinctive features that make them well-suited to fortify entrances to your home.

Sequre Security Gates

Status Eco Range

These are retractable, making them perfect for using anywhere in your house. They have cross flights at a thickness of 3 mm, connected with Sequre’s very own Power Pin System.

To add strength to the structure, the gate features three rows of these flights, extending across the same number of uprights. For protecting the gate from corrosion, the uprights are from the purpose designed “lipped channel” double galvanised units. The stainless steel rivets are strategically placed for added strength.

The units are slamlock gates but adding a deadlock to the mix is possible on request.

Panther Range

The units in this range are also retractable, but come with 5 mm thick flights, with the same unique method of linking them in place. This series is bolt cutter resistant, which gives you an idea of safety and sturdiness of the Panther Gates.

Four rows of the cross flights go over the uprights in this model to make it extra secure. The same method to combat corrosion used in the Status Eco range is applied, making this type just as durable. Each one comes with a combination of both slam- and deadlock mechanisms. Another unique function is the tamper-resistant installation.

Take the first step towards a safer home

Get your slamlock security gates today and wake up safe tomorrow. Call our competent staff for help in finding the right safety fixtures for your property.