Slam Lock Gates for Optimal Home Security

People often think slam lock gates are the ideal security gates, and though slam clock is certainly excellent for quick locking, the gates are even better when fitted with dead locks as well. Our trellis door gates come with slam and dead locks for optimal security.

With the option of using only the slam lock system, you can immediately get the gate into close position without much effort. With the dead lock added, you can gain optimal security by using the dead-lock mode.

Difference between Slam and Dead Lock Systems

The slam method involves an automatic lock system where you simply slide the gate into position. Once the lock mechanism is triggered, the gate is locked. You don’t need a key for locking the gate. The dead lock involves a key with which to lock the gate. Dead-lock refers to a double lock action whereby the key is turned twice for extra locking.

Benefit of the Dead-Lock

With the dead-lock system, you can lock the door tightly, making it difficult for any burglar to pick. This method should be used when you go to sleep or intend to leave the home for a prolonged period.

Benefits of the Slam-Lock

With the slam locking action, you can effectively lock the door with one slide action. This method of locking is essential when attackers attempt to enter the premises and you want to create a locked and super strong barrier without first needing to use a key to lock the gate or door.

When you buy a slam lock door from us you know that your home can be secured at all times and your business premises protected even with no-one at office. As a SABS ISO: 9001 certified company; we gladly guarantee our workmanship because we’re confident that our products meet the highest manufacturing and safety standards. With such then, you also have the benefit of knowing that our products thus meet insurance requirements as well. With competitive prices, a wide range to select from and custom options, we’ve earned our leadership position in South Africa.

Our doors are galvanised and protected against corrosion. With regular routine maintenance, the doors can last for years to come. The solid stainless steel rivets make the flights extra strong and with no plastic parts you can be assured of superior strength.

Why Invest in Slam-Lock and Dead-Lock Security Gates?

Robberies, burglaries and house attacks are daily news in South Africa. Combined with regular power outages, normal perimeter security only relying on conventional electricity supply is no longer adequate. You need extra strong barriers that can work even if there’s no power. With our slide doors and window barriers, you won’t have to rely on electric closure. Simply slam and lock. Add extra security at night by using the dead-lock system.

Crime reports have shown that most assailants enter through open doors. True, nobody wants to stay in a jail and having to keep all doors close is simply not good for air ventilation. But, with the see-through trellis type doors you can have security at all times, still have fresh air and can easily open the doors to go outside.

What you don’t want; is a security system that effectively locks you inside without the chance of exiting anywhere else. With our trellis type burglar bars you can open the gates through slide action and exit through an open window should an attacker be inside the house.

Slam-lock is especially important when you work outside in the garden or on the farm and want the ability to quickly run to safety. With the slam action taking less than a second you can immediately put a barrier between you and an attacker. This has the potential of saving your life. Seconds count when danger is at hand.

Closer Look at Our Status II Retractable Security Door

Now that you know why it’s important to invest in security barriers and why the slam-lock is so useful, consider the excellent features of our Status II Retractable Security Door or Gate:

  •  Has a 13mm x 13mm flight.
  • Is a registered design.
  • Comes with extra slot support stainless steel rivets.
  • Has a galvanised rolled top.
  • Comes with extruded aluminium bottom racks.
  • Features anti-twist function.
  • Is affordable.
  • Boasts smooth operation.
  • Comes with slam and dead lock system.
  • Features sealed bearings on uprights for even weight distribution.


Invest in long-term security. View our slam lock gates and call us to place your order today.


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