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Elegance and Security Unite: Discover Trellis Doors Johannesburg for Your Home

A “trellis” is defined as a structure which is assembled from wood or metal that’s typically arranged to form a diamond pattern, although other designs are also possible. Installed in indoor and outdoor garden settings, the trellis usually supports vines and climbing plants or creepers. However, at Sequre, we create and install trellis doors Johannesburg, which are designed, manufactured, and installed nationwide to provide home safety at our security-conscious customers’ premises.

Sequre’s Trellis Doors Johannesburg

At Sequre, we specialise in various types of security barriers, designed and manufactured to safeguard and protect doorways, windows, patios, stairways, passages, and lock-up-and-go applications. Although we also produce custom designs at our headquarters in Johannesburg, our two retractable trellis door ranges are exceptionally popular choices, unchanged and as is, amongst our customers throughout South Africa.

Fixed vs. Moveable Cross Flights

Criss-crossed garden trellises’ flights are usually fixed firmly and rigidly in place, but this is where the fixtures of our retractable security trellis gates’ flights differ from those of plant-supporting functional and/or ornamental garden trellises.

These structured and fixed garden trellises are also used to screen areas, provide privacy, and add interest in an outdoor area, whereas our operable trellis doors, while beautifully elegant, are designed to provide safety at home in Johannesburg and elsewhere in this country.   

If our home safety trellis doors were immovable and not retractable, they couldn’t operate and open within their firmly fixed frame, in a stacking and foldaway action – like a concertina – to reveal a clear view from within the home.

Elegant Trellis-Like Appearance

While our bolt-cutter-resistant cross flights create an elegant trellis-like appearance, they are securely linked in place with our unique, patented Power Pin System for superior strength, safety, and durability. For enhanced structural strength and break-in resistance, four rows of cross flights extend across three uprights. Strategically installed stainless-steel rivets boost our trellis doors’ security capabilities. 

Favoured Fundamental Feature

Trellis doors’ retractable action happens to be a favourite fundamental feature of these highly effective security barriers, particularly in an area like Johannesburg, where housebreaking occurs far too frequently, especially at residential premises that are unsecured and lack visible security barriers.

An Ultimate Sought-After Safety Product

Additionally, the combination of two lock systemsa slam lock and a deadlock – ensure that our Sequre trellis doors lock securely in an instant, the moment that the retractable security barrier is slammed shut. This feature cements the popularity of our elegant trellis doors in place.

Our DIY Sequregate range offers a choice of traditional welded swing gates, which are elegant and striking examples of trendy minimalism and simplicity. This range also features similar retractable swing-away security doors that also display a trellis design, perfect for matching up with the elegance of your larger trellis doors, installed elsewhere. These DIY products feature Star Key double pin lock systems.

Get In Touch with Us for Trellis Doors Johannesburg

Whether you require a security barrier solution for standard door openings and passageways and wish to follow a DIY route, or whether you prefer to equip your larger openings, windows, and more with custom-designed, professionally installed, elegant retractable trellis doors from Johannesburg, there’s a manufacturer, countrywide supplier, and installer you should consider. That’s when you should get in touch with us at Sequre. 

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