Security Shutters Are Perfect for Businesses… and Homes

It is a simple fact of life – you have to make sure that your property is safe and secure to avoid unfortunate events, such as burglaries and attacks. This is especially true for those times when your property is left unattended after hours, over a weekend, or while you are away on vacation. When it comes to securing shops and businesses at times when they are closed, security shutters are the obvious choice. These nifty roller gates provide a reliable barrier that successfully restricts access. However, have you ever considered security shutters for residential use as well? If not, you really should.

Just as with shop fronts, and office and factory entrances, security shutters are perfect for securing large windows and entrances. Imagine, for example, that you have a holiday home somewhere. Or that you want to ensure the safety of your home while away on vacation. These roller gates are the perfect solution to secure large windows, patios, and even garage doors… Simply drop the shutter, lock it, and leave your home with complete peace of mind.

Always Secure Your Premises with Quality Products

While security shutters are excellent deterrents and provide great barriers against intruders, not all of these gates are of equal quality. As it works with just about anything in life, you need to invest in quality products to enjoy the full benefit.

Sequre is a leading supplier of security related products, and we specialise in the manufacturing and installation of these products, including high-quality security doors, gates, barriers, and roller shutters.

When it comes to roller gates specifically, we offer you two great options to meet your needs:

Aluminium Roller Shutters

  • These are specifically designed for style and comfort in addition to the security they provide.
  • The gates are powder coated and available in various colours to match your design aesthetic. Who says safety cannot be stylish?
  • The gates are motorised (tubular motors) for easy use by anyone in your family.
  • They feature fairly soft operation, making them suitable for residential use.
  • You have a choice of solid or Fenestra slats, depending on your needs.
  • These gates are ideal for various applications around your house or office, including patios, front doors, passages, staircases, window enclosures for lock-up and for holiday houses, and so much more.

Galvanised Steel Roller Shutters

  • A strong and durable option for complete peace of mind.
  • You have a choice of plain galvanised or powder-coated slats, depending on your taste and design style.
  • These gates can be operated by either a push/pull, chain, or motorised operation.
  • You can choose either a solid or a perforated gate, or one with Fenestra slats, depending on whether you want to let in light or have a solid barrier.
  • These gates are ideal for various applications, including factories, shop fronts, patios, driveway entrances, serving hatches, loading zones, replacing your garage doors with higher security protection, and more.

To find out more about our security shutters and other quality products, and to request a quote, contact Sequre today.