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The Evolution of Security Gates and Doors.

Long before the advent of specially designed, strong security gates and doors or standardised sizes, mankind made use of plain wooden doors and gates, which were custom-made and fitted to different-sized openings in buildings and perimeter walls.

Secure Gates and Doors for Castles, Cathedrals, Palaces, and City Walls

Although these closures did provide a measure of protection, they weren’t known as security gates and doors.

Gates’ and doors’ safety and security functions were minimal, unless they constituted as heavy-duty closures, constructed for castle, palace, or city wall security doors and gates, but that was centuries ago.

The Design, Development, Manufacture, Supply, and Installation of Security Barriers

At Sequre, we focus on the specialised design, development, manufacture, supply, and professional installation of physical security barriers, specifically security gates and doors. With more than 21 years’ experience in our fast-evolving, competitive field, we’re proud of the unique innovations and improvements that we’ve patented and registered since founding Sequre.

A Broad View Beyond Security Barriers

With the exception of our DIY range of slam-lock security doors and our fixed burglar bar options, our other security gates and doors are retractable, either retracting horizontally or vertically, or they roll up.

When barriers are opened in a retracted or rolled-up position, customers enjoy a clear, uninterrupted view of whatever lies beyond the security doors or gates. When closed, views may be filtered or blocked entirely, depending on the design and choice of retractable barrier materials.

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Sequre’s State-of-the-Art Security Gates and Doors

The retractable security gates and doors that we supply are available in two fundamental types, both of which are fitted with two separate locks, consisting of a slam lock and a deadlock. Strategically positioned stainless-steel rivets enhance the products’ security features.

  • Panther gates, with four rows of 5mm thick cross flights, which span three uprights. The cross flights are linked with our strong, patented power pin system for extra security. Our lipped-channel uprights are double-galvanised to resist corrosion and are also patented. Installation is tamper-resistant.
  • Status security gates are barriers with the same features as our Panther range, except that the cross-flights are 3mm thick.

Our roller shutter security gates and doors are designed to roll up, forming a roll at the upper end of the door, window, passage, staircase, or patio, where, once raised, the product doesn’t obscure the view through the opening. Two options are available.

  • Aluminium roller shutters are particularly attractive and are lightweight, therefore easily operated. A selection of powder coating options are offered, plus a choice of solid or fenestra slats. These roller shutter products can be motorised very successfully.
  • Very strong and durable, galvanised steel roller shutter gates and doors offer a choice of three slat types – perforated, fenestra, or solid galvanised steel. Three operation systems are available – motorisation, chain-driven, or push-pull technology. Choose between a plain galvanised steel or powder-coated finish. The former slat finish imparts a trendy, industrial look, while the latter is especially popular with homeowners. Roller shutter side guides and shafts are both e-coated and powder-coated.

Local and National Availability

When you need reliable, effective security barriers, such as quality, affordable security gates and doors that are available locally and nationally, you need to contact us at Sequre – the sooner, the better.

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