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Fortifying Homes: Choosing Security Doors in South Africa

Each country has its pros and cons; so too does our country. Here, levels of crime that include house-breaking, burglary and theft in residential areas are very high. Thus, it’s crucial to choose effective security doors in South Africa. Give preference to products that are strong enough to withstand intrusion attempts, or dissuade burglars from trying to gain entry.

Effective Security Doors in South Africa

On the other side of the security coin, it’s fortunate that Sequre’s state-of-the-art, top-quality security doors are exceptionally efficient and effective at foiling burglary attempts. They are available on order throughout South Africa and further afield in Africa. Consequently, some of our physical safeguarding barriers are installed to fortify homes with a terms and conditions-dependent lifetime guarantee.

Strong and Dependable Security Doors for Resilient South Africans

South Africans are known to be a strong, resilient and determined group of people, who will make a plan when faced with challenges. This is exactly what one of South Africa’s leading custom manufacturers, suppliers and installers of top-quality security doors did. Sequre was established more than 20 years ago.

Sequre’s Own Registered Patents and Design Enhancements

Throughout our existence, we have registered patents and designs that improve, enhance and elevate the science of manufacturing custom-made, cutting-edge security doors that set a benchmark of excellence and strength.

Choose Security Doors in South Africa Made by Experienced Specialists 

Because security doors in South Africa are by no means equal, it’s truly important to choose your physical safeguarding barrier systems with care, because any old door or gate will not do if you’re serious about safety. Sequre is ideally placed to help you do this because we specialise in the design, production and installation of our own quality products used in various locations and for different applications.

To satisfy the needs and demands of customers who require top-quality security doors but reside beyond our borders in Africa, Sequre has established agents across the African continent to serve these valued customers too.

Solid Gates

Sequre offers two types of solid welded security gates for the protection of doorways – the Brent and the Sequre gates:

Brent Unit: Our Brent gate’s design features clean, minimalist lines – a look that’s elevated by horizontal welded bars. It’s a strong, welded steel swing gate, available in various custom-made widths and heights, featuring a secure star lock system with double pins that lock into a lock bar, thereby providing enhanced security. It’s a doorway security enhancement that’s popularly used to safeguard passages and similar places where customers prefer to avoid the stack formed by open, retracted door security systems.

Sequre Gate for Entryways: Sequre’s namesake gate, the Sequre gate, is also a welded product, but features the distinctive look of a retractable security door barrier, which makes this model a perfect matching counterpart for real retractable barriers installed elsewhere in the home. The effective locking systems, customisable width and height, as well as applications are like the Brent gate features.

More Options, More Choices

When you select a Sequre security door in South Africa, there’s really no wrong choice. However, some options may suit your needs better than others, especially since we offer various highly effective options. To discuss and evaluate your requirements, contact Sequre.

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