Secure Your Home With Burglar Proofing

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Security is becoming increasingly important and one way to make sure that you and your family is as safe as possible, you can secure your home with burglar proofing. Although you can never be absolutely sure that a criminal will never be able to break into your house, you can make entering your home as difficult as possible for them, with the help of effective security products.

One great way to secure your doors and windows is to use a security barrier from Sequre. Our Panther security gate is among the most durable in the market, providing stainless steel rivets, and aluminium extruded tracks that have anti-twist features. This makes our product the obvious security choice for your home. These gates are also extremely smooth to operate and the weight of these barriers is equally distributed; you will also benefit from a double-locking system (dead lock and slam lock).

If you want to secure your home with burglar proofing, a great way to do this is to use fixtures in front of your windows. These fixtures come in various sizes, and they are ideal for any home. Our products have registered designs and fixtures that will make intruding virtually impossible. These fixtures or burglar proofing is ideal to add to any window, especially your bedrooms, so that you can be safer in your own home.

In addition to securing your windows, you can add safety doors to your front and back doors, making it more secure and restricting entry for intruders. This will also allow you to keep your door open for fresh air, while having your security gate locked. This is a popular choice for many home owners and it’s also an affordable one. Sequre has a variety of security doors to offer, and they are trackless, easy to install, and very durable.

Unfortunately you never know when an intruder will try to break in to your home; you might not be there at the time, but you don’t want to get home to find that your belongings have been stolen. Even more importantly, you want to protect your family when you are at home, so security products have become essential.

Sequre has been in business for more than 15 years and we allow you to secure your home with burglar proofing that is effective and affordable. We specialise in high quality security barriers, shutters, gates and doors, and we were one of the first South African companies to become SABS ISO9001:2000 Quality certified.

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