Secure Your Home with Burglar Proofing (Expandable Security Gates)

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How to Secure Your Home with Burglar Proofing

The year of 2013 may have brought many wonderful things for a large number of people, but a reduced crime rate is not on that list. Unfortunately a large number of households are victimised by criminal activity and without the correct safety and security features and systems in place, you can expect for your home to be an easy target. With criminals becoming smarter and more determined, it is advised that you start by making sure that you secure you home with burglar proofing that is resilient, durable and reliable. Expandable security gates are a great option, especially if you have sliding doors or large entrances. At Sequre we offer these products at a cost-effective rate.

When looking into ways to protect your home, furniture and loved ones, you will need to make sure that you install products that won’t easily be removed, damaged or bent. Our range of expandable security gates is designed to withstand harsh treatment and with the proper care and maintenance, you can expect for them to last for many years.

At Sequre we offer various versions of this product which can be fitted over windows and doors. Consider the following options for use within your home:

  • Panther – this is a 12 x 12 double barrier that has 25mm x 5mm flights. Its flight configuration is strong and durable. There is added support provided by the stainless steel rivets. The top and bottom tracks are aluminium and don’t allow for the gate and its flights to be easily twisted. There are slam lock and deadlock features which make it a great investment for those who want reliable security features in their homes.
  • Sequredor Security Gate – this is a trackless unit which offers a swing away door feature. The galvanised lock channel offers a protection lip and the gate itself has 12.9mm tubing. The laminated hook lock is ideal for indoor use for added protection. The unit is quite easily installed and a DIY instruction manual is provided for your convenience.
  • Eco Barrier – this is an upright 12 x 12 double barrier. There are two versions available: 13mm x 3mm flights and 25mm x 5mm flights. Both of these are a sound investment for any home. Three rows of cross bracing provide peace of mind and the fact that the bottom aluminium tracks provide anti-twist functions means more safety. Double sealed roller bearings ensure that the unit opens and closes smoothly.

These are just a few of the options that we offer for you to consider. We also offer various fixtures which can be fitted to your windows to ensure maximum safety at all times. We can also ensure that a team is available to fit and install all of your newly purchased security items. This alone makes for a great convenience and will provide added peace of mind.

At Sequre our focus is on presenting a range of reliable products to the market at a cost-effective rate. There is a great product listing on our website for you to browse through – perhaps some of our other items and services might interest you too. You can contact us directly via telephone or leave your details in our quick contact section and one of our friendly consultants will be in touch with you.

If you would like to secure your home with some of the finest burglar proofing on the market then start by checking out our range of expandable security gates. Chat to our knowledgeable and experienced staff members about your needs and requirements and be supplied with an all inclusive and detailed quotation today.

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