Roller Shutter Doors & Gates to Protect Valuables


Although the upright security barriers are highly effective in the home and at normal entrance points, we recommend roller shutter doors & gates for large doorways such as found at the patio, entertainment room or garage.

roller shutter doorsIf you run a home-office and work from a garage to office converted space, you will benefit from installation of the roller shutter doors & gates. You will be able to work in a secured, yet, neat environment without the constant risk of someone simply walking in and threatening you with a gun.

The roller shutter doors and gates are also effective in protecting valuable goods stored. With recent riots all over the country and subsequent damaging of properties including extensive looting of valuables, more and more business owners now consider roller shutters to protect their store fronts and businesses. The same holds true for home-run businesses and even entertainment establishments.

The first step in protecting valuables and lives is to create a strong barrier. For residential and office purposes, it is, however, essential to install aesthetically appealing barriers. Solid gates don’t allow air and sunlight in and have an industrial feel to them. For home usage, you will want shutters that can open and close, a gate that can be rolled up or down and motorised or remote control for convenience.

Our systems meet and exceed the requirements. With a polyester powder coating the surface is protected against the weather elements and is made stronger at the end of the day. We custom design the system according to the client requirements and can thus offer doors and gates for various size openings.

Why Invest in an Added Security Gate?

You may feel that you already have perimeter protection, but considering how easy it is for criminals to get pass security entrance points despite cameras and over high walls or electric fences, you will want more peace of mind. With the systems available from us, you can secure the large openings without taking away from the beauty or functionality of the room where installed.

The gates act as deterrents since robbers often look for the easiest targets. By adding the security doors & gates you thus give them less reason to target you. Many homeowners now install the gates on their patios and especially when staying in security complexes where people often live with a false sense of security.

Sequre Background

We are a South African based manufacturer of roller shutter doors & gates as well as retractable upright security doors. Sequre has been around for over 15 years and has been one the first three manufacturers of the above products to gain SABS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certification.

We also have high standing in the industry and are committed to the production of safe, secure and durable products. Our prices are competitive and we have expert consultants to help you with the selection of gates and to assist with measurement instructions. View our products and call on us to help secure your premise.

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