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Enhance Security and Elegance: Choose Steel Gates for Your Property.

If someone or something is particularly strong, this powerful phenomenon is referred to as being “as strong as steel”. It’s indicative of a superior quality that enables the element to withstand numerous physical (or other) onslaughts. Whilst our stylish, elegant steel gates at Sequre aren’t directly connected to this commonplace saying, the quote certainly relates to the superior strength and durability of our steel products.

Robust and Durable Steel Gates: Unparalleled Security and Strength

Steel is an alloy, which is derived from iron, to which various other elements are added, primarily carbon. The composite metal, thereafter known as steel, is stronger and more resistant to fracturing and failure than would otherwise be the case. Due to its strength and durability, steel is an ideal material from which to manufacture robust, hard-wearing gates with which to protect and burglar-proof premises.

Certain metals, other than stainless steel and aluminium, are prone to oxidisation and the formation of rust. However, once powder-coated or galvanised, this type of gradual degradation can be arrested and/or prevented, ensuring that your steel gates may last for many decades, very possibly for a lifetime.  

Steel Security Gate Specialists

As a specialised South African supplier and installer of numerous types of highly effective security barriers, we at Sequre make extensive use of steel in the design, manufacture, and assembly of our innovative, burglar-proofing gates.

Our Burglar-Proofing Barriers

Strategically placed stainless-steel rivets are used to further enhance the strength and durability of our popular retractable streel gate options. These barriers combine sophisticated good looks, versatility, ease of operation, and function with superior strength and a multitude of applications. 

In addition to our steel burglar bars, roller shutters, and DIY ranges, we offer two retractable gate options – our Panther Gates and our Status Gates. Here are a few of the security products we offer and their features:

  1. Status Gates

Because our retractable steel barriers are universally popular, we’ve developed two versions of our Status gates, enabling customers across the budget range to secure their premises with similar products.

Status steel gates feature 3 mm thick cross flights, arranged in four horizontal rows. The cross flights extend across three uprights. The design greatly enhances structural strength, while two separate locks – a slam lock and deadlock combination – secure the barriers when fully closed.

Status Eco gates’ cross flights are arranged in three horizontal rows. Although Status Eco gates are fitted with a slam lock, customers have the option of adding a deadlock to the locking mechanism to create a more robust locking system.

  • Panther Gates

Panther gates offer outstanding security features with their extra strong, bolt-cutter-resistant cross flights, boasting a substantial thickness of 5 mm. These cross flights are ingeniously linked in place using our patented POWER PIN SYSTEM, making them the strongest choice available.

To ensure long-lasting durability, our “lipped channel” double galvanized uprights, designed for strength and corrosion resistance, are used. Panther gates further enhance security with two separate locks, combining a slam lock and deadlock, and they boast tamper-resistant installation, a unique and innovative feature. Stainless-steel rivets, strategically placed for maximum strength, add an extra layer of reliability to these top-tier security solutions.

  • Roller Shutters

Explore the versatility of our steel roller shutters with these customisable options:

  • Finish options in either galvanized steel or powder-coated
  • Varied operating choices, including push-pull, motorised, or chain-driven mechanisms
  • A range of slat types to suit your needs – solid, fenestra, or perforated
  • Ideal for a wide variety of applications
  • DIY Options

Our DIY steel gates are available in two types – retractable swing-away or welded hinged swing security barriers, designed to protect and control access to doorways, staircases, passages, kitchen/front doors, and garage side doors. All are fitted with an effective Star Key Double Pin Lock system.

Free Quotes, Priceless Protection

Our quotes for steel gates are free, without obligation. Contact us now to secure and protect everyone and everything that’s priceless to you. 

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