Improve Your Home Security in Style Looking for a stylish way to secure your home? The last thing you want is to make your modern home look like a jail cell. We all know the importance of sturdy gates and barriers, but it is not only about keeping out trespassers, but also about preserving your property’s beauty and style. Here is how you can keep your sanctuary both secure and sophisticated with Sequre’s retractable security gates and barriers. A contemporary home calls for a contemporary gate. Although there are many different styles, like swirl finishes and floral designs that are aesthetically appealing, no one wants to compromise on home security for the sake of a pretty fence. There are many home security systems on the market, although only few are both secure and aesthetically pleasing. However, security doors need not be eyesores. We have a whole product range that will leave your home secure but and with an air of modern sophistication. Retractable Security Barriers for Your Home Possibly our most popular products, our sliding and sturdy security gates, continue to set the standard in the industry. Our Panther range is popular for bringing strong and sturdy security gates to our clients’ homes. These gates have tamper-resistant installation, with slam-lock security. With cross panels for structural strength, these barriers are designed to make sure you are secure any time of day. Our Status gates have similar features, and have with two separate locks for your safety. The sliding security gates are easy to lock and are retractable when opened, so you do not have to feel locked up all the time. The gates are available in a variety of natural colours to suite your personal style. Secure Your Windows in Style Your doors are not the only thing to which you can add some flair, so why not give your windows that modern touch and extra security? The unique, thin design of our security bars is aesthetically appealing and does not make your home look like a prison. The steel window security barriers are also a popular choice. You can match your doors and windows with the same barrier style. An alternative alternative to window barriers are our unique C-thru Sequre bars. These are strong and transparent burglar bars for windows and a great substitute if you prefer a more modern security barrier. The best thing about them is that you cannot even see them! They are ideal for any stylish property or holiday home where you do not want to feel hemmed in or your view compromised by steel bars. These transparent bars feature aluminium frames for extra strength and security. Our C-thru Secure bars are also available in various colours to suit the interior of your home. Stylish Roller Shutters Do you want a unique security barrier that is both modern and exceptionally secure? There is a way to keep unwanted visitors out, and keep your home safe, in style. Roller shutters are the newest trend in home security, sure to make any would-be intruder think twice before trying to break in. These are specifically designed to provide style, comfort, and safety. They are also offered in various colours and many different styles for you to choose from. Motorised shutters are ideal for patios, front doors, or lock-up-and-go holiday houses. Go about your business with freedom and security. There are many benefits to choosing our security and barriers for your home. See for yourself by perusing our product range and choosing a style that suits you. Your homes security should not compromise your style. Our barriers do not only keep your home stylish and secure, but will leave your neighbours green with envy. Speak to us to learn more about our retractable security gates and barriers today.