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Reliable Roller Shutter Gates Enhance Commercial Security

When one looks at today’s amazing array of sophisticated commercial security and safety measures such as roller shutter gates, it’s almost impossible to acknowledge that there was once a time when they didn’t exist, because they were not needed.

Why State-of-the-Art Sequre

That was long before 2001, the year we began trading as state-of-the-art Sequre, specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of our range of superior quality security barriers and roller shutter gates for commercial and other applications.

We don’t necessarily strive to be the biggest supplier that specialises in commercial roller shutter gates, (not that we’re at all averse to expansion and growth), but we focus on being the best, offering the best, most effective security barriers that are as fool-proof and fail-proof as possible.

  • In fact, if it were to happen that our roller shutter gates and other barriers are successfully broken into, we offer a lifetime guarantee that we’ll offer to repair, replace or refund you what you paid for your security barrier system.
  • We hold numerous patents and registered designs that pertain to the strength and efficacy of our products, which focus on your safety and security, as well as that of your possessions.
  • As leading innovators in our field, it’s clear that our design capabilities are top-notch.
  • An additional 7-year guarantee on workmanship is revolutionary within our industry. This demonstrates our high level of confidence in our products, people, their skills and abilities, as well as their commitment to quality, plus your commercial and personal safety.
  • Extensive experience in manufacturing and professional installation.
  • Excellent customer service, combined with the excellent design and quality of our products, on which your well-being and your very life may potentially depend.
  • It’s not really possible to make accurate comparisons with competitors’ pricing, because how does one put a price on superior security and safety measures?
  • Although Sequre’s pricing is competitive, you should avoid buying commercial roller shutters based on price alone.
  • In almost all industries, you get what you pay for. Cheap may be cheap and nasty or ineffective and prone to product and function failure, which in the long run, may typically cost you considerably more.
  • Roller shutter gates are custom manufactured, to suit each opening’s dimensions and the gate’s optimal function and performance.
  • Remember, when you’re buying roller shutter gates, you’re also buying peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that you’ve invested in an operable, reliable and effective and invaluable security barrier system.
  • Potential to pay lower commercial insurance premiums.

roller shutters

Additional Features

  • When opening, the shutter gate rolls up vertically and is housed in a roll above the opening, leaving the entire space below free of any encumbrance.
  • Available in plain galvanised steel or powder-coated finish or powder-coated aluminium, steel being the stronger and more robust, heavier option.
  • Choice of slats – fenestra, solid or perforated options allow you to select the degree to which one can see through the closed roller shutter slats – or not at all.
  • Ideal for driveway entrances, shop fronts, warehouses and storage facilities, factories, workshops, serving hatches, loading zones and garages.

Contact Sequre for your customised roller shutter gates and other commercial and domestic barrier solutions sooner rather than later, since you don’t want to be too late when safety and security are at stake.