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The Roles of Reliable Roller Shutter Gates

Some people think that roller shutter gates are a very recent invention, which forms part of an array of products that provide privacy and/or security, but a barrier nonetheless. Whilst all these functions certainly are characteristics of this product range, designed for a variety of applications, the product in its most fundamental form is older than most people think.

Roller Shutter Gates – Patented in 1882

Although there are various opinions about exactly who invented these barriers, most agree that this innovative door or gate, which rolls up and down to open and close, is credited to a creative Swiss fellow, Anton Greisser, who filed his patent for this invention in 1882.

After setting up a workshop, Greisser began manufacturing his roller shutter gates and window closures from wood, which is a relatively heavy material, especially if the gate is large and intended to roll up into a single overhead stack.

State-of-the-Art Modern Manufacturer

However, the Greisser business still exists today, undoubtedly in a far more sophisticated guise, as does our concern, Sequre, a modern, leading South African manufacturer of superior-quality, state-of-the-art roller shutter gates, burglar proofing bars, retractable security barriers, DIY security gates, and custom-made systems.

We, as Sequre, were established far more recently, in 2001. As such, our combined experience spans over a period of more than 20 years, which is a considerable time in a specialised industry that’s constantly evolving, expanding, and developing to include ever more sophisticated and advanced security products and techniques.

roller shutters

Materials, Characteristics, and Applications Aplenty

Our roller shutter gates are designed and manufactured to provide maximum possible strength and durability, because these closures are, in essence, security barriers, which – also by design – enhance privacy.

They are robust closures and are ideal security barriers that provide peace of mind for those who prefer a lock-up-and-go lifestyle.

The applications and characteristics are impressive. They can be used for:

  • Windows
  • Doors and gateways at entrances
  • Patios
  • Passages and corridors – interior and exterior
  • Staircases
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Shopfronts, particularly at premises that stock high-value merchandise that is in demand and easy to sell on to receivers of stolen goods

What materials can they be made with?


  • A popular choice, especially for residential and office applications, where and when particularly refined aesthetic appeal and style are important
  • Selection of powder coating colours
  • Comparatively lightweight, providing a relatively soft operation
  • Motorised via tubular motors
  • Slat choice – solid or fenestra

Galvanised Steel

This type of roller shutter gate is particularly strong and durable, since it’s designed and manufactured to provide an exceptionally strong security barrier, wherever it’s installed. Our galvanised steel shutter gates are ideal for factories, shopfronts, loading zones, and driveway access points, and as high-security garage doors.

  • Available in plain galvanised steel or powder-coated finish. The former characteristic provides a no-nonsense, robust, industrial look, whilst the powder-coated version has a somewhat sophisticated appearance
  • Shaft and side guides feature e-coating and powder coating
  • Push-pull, chain, or motorised operation
  • Slat selection – solid, fenestra, or perforated
You Matter to Us

Because the efficiency and optimal operation of these usually large security barriers are vitally important, it’s highly recommended that we take accurate measurements on site to provide you with a free quote and thereafter, undertake the professional installation of your roller shutter gates. At Sequre, your security and satisfaction matter to us. Contact us today.

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