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Protecting What Matters: Quality Security Bars for Sale from Sequre.

Security is a serious matter. If you can keep a person within a space that’s enclosed with steel bars on windows and doors, security bars are likewise effective at keeping others out. The latter factor pertains to the fundamental function of the security bars for sale from us at Sequre.

Security Bars for Sale: Keeping Intruders Out

When people are convicted of criminal offences, they may be sentenced to spend a specified period of time behind bars, designed to keep them in prison. Conversely, the security bars for sale at Sequre are designed and manufactured to keep such persons out of a home, office, or other premises.

Burglar Proofing

Our security bars focus on keeping a building’s occupants and possessions safe and secure. It’s a crucial part of the Sequre ethos and guarantee, which undertakes to refund, replace, or repair any of the security bars for sale that have been broken into. This guarantee is for life, which serves as proof of the quality of our products.

Innovative Design: Retractable Security Gates, Burglar Bars, and Roller Shutters

Almost all the security barriers that we offer for sale feature strong, durable, tamper-resistant security bars. Our products include retractable security barriers, burglar bars, roller shutters, and DIY security gates that are specifically designed for customers who are DIY enthusiasts, opting to install their own barriers, rather than utilising the services of our installation teams.

  • Retractable Security Gates – Manufactured to secure doors and windows, these systems expand and retract neatly and seamlessly to form a stack of 5mm thick, bolt-cutter-resistant bars at one side of the opening. A series of securely fixed cross-flights provide additional strength to the installation.
  • Burglar Bars – Our burglar bars incorporate 16mm single upright bars that are fitted and fixed on all four sides of the window. The design is stylish and sophisticated, sure to enhance the aesthetics of your home or office.
  • Roller Shutters – Our roller shutters don’t feature obvious security bars, but they should nonetheless be mentioned as they also provide a good level of safety.

DIY Security Made Easy

Our DIY collection is available in a few appealing styles, which we’ve designed for strength and durability, plus, of course, their security aspect, particularly the Star Key Double Pin Lock system. These gates feature upright and horizontal welded bars.

A Gap, a Demand, and an Opportunity

Our company was established more than 21 years ago when our founders recognised that there was a marked gap in the security marketplace for top-notch quality, yet comparatively affordable security bars and barriers offered for sale throughout South Africa. We rose to the occasion and opportunity to respond to an ever-increasing demand from security-conscious customers.

Today, we are well on our way to becoming a preferred manufacturer, supplier, and installer of effective security bars and barriers to the public and corporate institutions in this country – folks who’ve approved and relied on the products we offer for sale.

Our customers also appreciate our focus on excellent customer service, combined with our innovative security initiatives and designs, many of which we’ve patented and/or registered. Your security and safety, plus our reputation demand the best we can offer and accomplish as a rapidly-emerging industry leader.

Prioritise Your Security: Contact Sequre for a Quote Today

If you’re not already serious about security and the security bars for sale from us at Sequre, it’s never too early or too late. Contact us for a quote because we are as serious about your security as we are about our range of quality security barriers.

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