Protect Your Assets with Roller Shutter Gates from Sequre!

If you have large doors at your home or business premises, protecting them with the usual steel barriers and gates may not be adequate. Installing roller shutter gates may provide you with added benefits and extra security. Roller shutter gates secure a large door space (such as a garage office or large patio door) and allow you to enjoy the space without the possibility of someone pointing a firearm at you through the gate. Often, people are threatened this way and they are forced to open gates at gunpoint to let in the burglars or intruder. This puts them in a very vulnerable place because there are no barriers to protect them from harm.

Roller shutter gates are also very popular for use in retail operations at store fronts. It is no longer enough to just lock up the shop, because the glass may be broken to gain entry. Installing roller shutter gates will ensure that the entire shop front is protected and that a steel barrier stands between the shopfront glass and a potential intruder.

Not only does this provide a perceived, visual barrier and discourages intruders from attempting entry, they are also very sturdy and strong, and gaining access to a property through roller shutter gates is extremely difficult! One of the most challenging things about installing security gates, barriers, burglar bars, and roller shutter gates is how it will affect the aesthetic appeal of the property. Bars in front of windows and doors sometimes are not very attractive, but they are still used because they offer the necessary protection. If you are, however, deeply concerned about the visual effect your security measures may have, roller shutter gates are the answer!

Roller shutter gates are virtually invisible because they can be pulled right up and cannot be seen from the outside, but when security is required, they can be pulled down. Often, they are automated and can be opened and closed with the use of a remote control or a switch.

The security gates, barriers, and roller shutters created by our team at Sequre are made of steel with a coating of polyester. This treatment helps to protect the steel from moisture, sun, wind, and hail. We can tailor make gates, barriers, and roller shutters specifically to suit the needs of our customers, and we also have a wide range of standard sizes available.

Why Use Sequre Products?

Because we are a truly South Africa company, we understand the local security needs! We specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality barriers, gates, roller shutters, and many other types of security barriers suited to just about any environment. We have more than fifteen years’ worth of experience, and we service customers throughout the country and internationally.

We have tapped into a niche market by providing cost-effective products that are sturdy, hard-wearing, and low on maintenance. In addition, we also focus on quality and aesthetics. We continuously apply stringent quality control during the design, manufacture, and installation of our products. If you are looking for retractable security barriers, such as roller shutter gates, we are the people to contact! Give us a call today to find out more!