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Security Gates

Security is something that should be taken seriously by any home owner. Not only do you need to protect your family, but you also need to ensure that your belongings are safe from intruders and thieves. There are many security providers that specialise in the manufacturing of trellis gates & windows, allowing the customer to have a variety of choices when it comes to securing their home.

Trellis gates and windows are ideal to secure your home as they are durable and strong. You can choose to add security gates to your entrances, and you can also add security doors inside and outside your home. A benefit of modern security products is that they look stylish, so they fit in perfectly with any home environment. The manufacturing of trellis gates & windows focuses on quality and durability, so these products are not only stylish to use but very effective in keeping intruders out of your home for good. You can also cover all your windows with burglar proofing, as this is also where intruders might try to enter your home.

Invest in Durable Security Doors

Any home can be secured with the help of trellis gates and windows. Security gates can be fitted to all your doors and entrances in your home, making it virtually impossible to intrude. Sequre has a variety of security gates and doors to offer, and they are very easy to install too. Our popular Panther security door is an upright security barrier that has stainless steel rivets and features anti-twist technology. The door is very durable and also quiet in operation, due to the fact that the weight is distrusted evenly throughout the door.

You can also install our Status II security door, which features 13 mm x 13 mm flights and a registered design. It also offers galvanised tops and aluminium bottom tracks that have a double-locking system, also known as slam-lock systems. This means that when you slam the door shut, it is automatically locked. You do not have to struggle with finding keys to lock it. This will be very beneficial if you have to lock the door in a hurry. If affordability is what you are after, you can go for our Eco security door; this door has three rows of cross bracing connectors and a slam-lock function. You can choose this in either the Panther or the Status II design.

Securing Your Business Property

Security is not only important in homes, but on business premises too. The manufacturing of trellis gates & windows are also aimed at business owners who want to secure their property from intruders. Business premises are often more vulnerable than homes, as there are often money or valuable products on the premises. Business property is also most vulnerable at night when there is no one around, which is why effective security products are so essential to install as soon as possible.

Roller shutters are ideal for this, as they are large, very strong, and have an industrial feel and design. They can be operated either manually or with electrical motors, giving you options on how you want to install these systems. You can also operate these units with a remote control for even more convenience. Business owners use these roller shutters to completely seal off their shops or offices, as they provide a very durable security barrier. They can be bought in various sizes to fit small or large entrances.

Many home owners choose to combine multiple security products to maximise the security in their home. They might use beams outside their home to warn them if intruders are on the premises, or they can combine this with CCTV cameras around their property for additional security. Security at your home can never be too important, so always look at the options you have and make sure that you buy from a reputable supplier.

Secure specialises in the manufacturing of trellis gates & windows in South Africa, and we have been in business for more than 15 years. We can assist you with installation of any of our security products at your home, and we also offer a guarantee on our workmanship.

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