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5 Reasons to Lock Your Security Gate at Night

If you live in a high-crime area, it’s possible that you’re already enforcing safety measures at home through security gates and burglar bars. However, many of us are less conscious of our surroundings, and can sometimes forget to lock doors when we leave for a quick walk with the dog or to make a trip to the shops.

Although break-ins are more likely to occur at night, there are opportunistic criminals who won’t think twice to enter an unlocked premise. Now, simply turning the key won’t guarantee your safety, but it could prevent a crime if you have proper steel barriers in place.

Why You Should Always Lock Your Security Gate

The most important time to keep your doors shut is at night when you and your family are sound asleep. While the lights are off, and no one’s looking, criminals are hard at work. With a Sequre barrier, either from our Panther Range, Status Range or DIY security gates, you’re already better off.

No one wants to see their loved ones get hurt or have their house ransacked. Thus, the thought of doing something that may prevent an invasion should already be enough reason to remember to reinforce all doors.

Nevertheless, here are a couple of other important points to consider:

Security Gate

  • If your entrances are secured, your children and pets won’t wander into the streets.
  • By locking up your home, you can rest easy, knowing that the insurance company is more likely to pay out in case of a robbery or theft.
  • Your neighbours or others can’t just invade your privacy by walking into your house.
  • You’ll feel safer when returning from work or shopping when you notice the doors are still shut, and windows unbroken.
  • Most importantly, your house won’t be an easy target for evil-doers.

Even if you have a checklist in place to make sure all entrances are secured, alarms switched on and exterior cameras are working, there is always a chance that you forgot to lock or that you think a door is locked, when you haven’t turned the key far enough. Therefore, you should think about buying a special type of security gate.

Get Slam Lock Security Gates

Our door barriers come equipped with a slam-lock mechanism. When you pull the gate closed, it automatically locks on impact. Additionally, these steel barriers have deadlock mechanisms installed, which ensure that burglars can’t just pick the lock. Furthermore, a slam-lock can only be opened by using the correct key. An innovative feature of our Panther series is the tamper-resistant installation, making it a super secure choice for safeguarding your home.

Other Safety Measures to Protect Your Residence

For added peace of mind, consider buying our window burglar bars to strengthen all other entrances to your home. It doesn’t help your doors are properly sealed, but you have large unbarred windows, just waiting for someone to break the glass. Although criminals would prefer to walk straight in through the door, they won’t think twice about creeping through windows at night, if that’s their only option. We have a wide selection of window burglar bars to choose from—all with modern designs to keep your home from looking like a prison fortress.

Drop a message in our mailbox, and order your set of security gates and window bars today.