Why You Should Invest In Sequre Slam Lock Security Gates Today!

It is a sad fact that we live with high crime rates in this country, and people need very effective security solutions to safeguard themselves, their families, employees, and even pets and assets against intruders and home invasions. While it is easy to put up burglar guards in a window, safeguarding doors can be a little more complicated. Keeping doors closed at all times is also not very effective, because it does not allow for air flow through the building, and prevents people from enjoying their gardens or outdoor areas. People often also have a need to secure certain areas within the building, such as the bedrooms or sleeping quarters during the night.

Traditional security gates are often not very good looking, and may impair the view. Sometimes, a swing door can get in the way when it has to be opened and closed all the time, especially if it is positioned inside the home. There are times when people just want to have the door open without any barriers in the way, yet they still need the security that a gate will provide if an intruder does manage to gain access to the yard or a certain portion of the home.

The ideal solution is to get slam lock security gates. These doors are very strong, and can literally be slammed shut in case of an emergency. Imagine someone is chasing you; there is no way that you would have enough time to close and lock a gate with an intruder on your heels, and slam lock security gates are designed to lock the moment it is slammed closed. This means that you can very quickly put a barrier between you and the intruder when time and quick reactions are vital. Slam lock security gates are also just so much easier to manage because they concertina back into a small, compact space, and will not be a barrier to deal with every time you go through the door.

Most slam lock security gates are fitted with one lock, but at Sequre, we design our slam lock security gates to contain a dead lock as well, and this provides an added layer of security when you need it most. Slam locks immediately lock the door once it is closed, whereas a deadlock has to be manually locked with a key that needs to be turned twice in order to securely lock the door.

If you are looking for the optimal security doors for your home, our slam lock security gates at Sequre provide the perfect solution. Give our team a call to find out more about our highly effective slam lock security gates today.