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Security Gates that Enhance Your Home Security in Style.

Many South Africans unfamiliar with our standard and custom security gates might be surprised to discover the seamless fusion of style and safety for enhanced home security. Yet, their delight grows as they realise that our premium physical security barriers at Sequre embody a perfect blend of scientific precision and stylish craftsmanship.

Why Select Sequre’s Residential Security Gates?

Numerous elements of our security gates are custom-designed, which is a testament to the skills, talents, and innovative ability of our designers. Several of our unique security-enhancing designs are registered and/or patented. Here are a few more facts about our company you should know:

  • We offer a lifetime guarantee on the products we install. If any Sequre barrier option is successfully breached, we commit to repairing the damage, replacing the compromised security barrier, or providing a full refund – for a lifetime.
  • A seven-year workmanship guarantee accompanies all our premium security gates. We were one of the leading companies, possessing unwavering confidence in the quality and durability of our products. This conviction empowered us to pioneer this industry-first guarantee.
  • We were founded some 22 years ago, in 2001, as a company that specialises in the manufacture, supply, distribution, and professional installation of premium-quality, stylish security barriers. Our company and its products have withstood the test of time and flourished throughout this lengthy period.
  • When our founders spotted a gap in our industry for a blend of style and security, as well as premium-quality physical security gates and barriers, offered at fair, affordable prices, they decided to take action. The result – our specialised residential gate options.
  • When we install security gates, they fit right, the first time, because our installation teams have the experience and expertise to overcome installation challenges without compromising on the appealing style and security features of our products.
  • Should it happen that you require additional custom security gate designs, we’ll do our best to meet your requirements.

General Home Security Tips

Whilst physical security gates and barriers are important elements with which to secure one’s home, there are several tips to enhance home security.

  • Always remain conscious of your surroundings and alert to vehicles in front of and behind you when you approach your home. If in doubt about safety, don’t turn into your driveway. Instead, proceed to a police station or a place where there are security guards and others.
  • Ensure that bushes and shrubs that may provide a hiding place for intruders or hijackers at entryways are regularly cut back and trimmed.
  • Avoid dark areas at night. Electronic Wi-Fi devices like motion-sensitive cameras and lights may be helpful safety-enhancing aids.

Statistics Speak of Successes

The statistics below are probably somewhat too low and conservative. However, at the last evaluation, these stats nevertheless speak volumes about our successes at Sequre:

  • 10 000 safe homes and businesses
  •  9 860 stylish security products installed
  •  4 250 satisfied customers

In fact, we are becoming the preferred supplier and installer of stylish home and business security options for individual customers and business institutions throughout South Africa and beyond our country’s borders.

Make Sequre Your Supplier and Installer of Choice

Since our sterling reputation and stylish, premium-quality security barriers and professional installations are so popular and highly regarded, why not make us your security gate supplier of choice too? Contact us for a free quote, service excellence, and all-important enhanced home security.

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