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Enhancing Home Security with Burglar Doors: What You Need to Know

How much do you really know about home security? Home security should be approached from multiple angles, and it is crucial to understand the essentials of the topic. This includes recognising the importance of implementing diverse physical security measures in your home, such as the installation of burglar doors.

Must-Have Burglar Doors to Secure Your Home

By definition, residential burglar doors are a must-have security product that is designed to prevent intruders from gaining access to your home. Simultaneously, these burglar doors play an important role in keeping a home’s occupants and their possession safe.

Burglar doors are essential, because typical or opportunistic burglars would far rather break into your home through a door than a smaller opening. By selecting a door as their point of intrusion, they have passage through an entryway that is large enough to allow easy access and a quick exit, especially when making an undetected escape while carrying looted goods from the dwelling.

Our Innovative Burglar Door Solutions for South African Residences

In South African domestic applications, these high-security entryway systems are actually strong, durable gate-like barriers, available from leading security barrier specialists, like our company, Sequre. The term “gate” may evoke the image of a hinged, swing-away product that may be secured with a latch, chain with a padlock, or incorporated lock and key system.

However, numerous technological advancements, new innovations, specialised patents, and registered designs provide far more sophisticated, highly effective intruder-proofing solutions, which are also referred to in our physical barrier industry as “burglar doors”. In addition to our DIY burglar gate options, our Sequre retractable and roller shutter systems are some of our most secure, sought-after products.

Secure Your Home with DIY Burglar Door Options

In this DIY range, we at Sequre offer customers two options – burglar doors that retract and swing away to enhance the width of the doorway, and hinged, welded swing gates. Despite the difference in their appearance, both burglar doors are fitted with our slam lock system, which helps to keep your family and valued home appointments safe and secure.

Professional Installation that Guarantees Lifetime Security

Our state-of-the-art retractable burglar barriers and roller shutter systems are custom-made to suit the exact size of your entryways, which is why our professional installation is required. Our trained and experienced installers ensure that your burglar doors fit right, the first time. Consequently, our physical burglar barriers carry a lifetime guarantee.

Say Goodbye to Vulnerable Entryways with Lockable Roller Shutters

Nothing invites a burglar to “come in and help yourself” like an unsecured or unlocked entryway. However, our Sequre slam lock and deadlock combination helps to ensure that you have a high-security entryway after the installation of our retractable burglar doors. Our lockable roller shutters raise and lower in secure side guides.

Priceless Peace of Mind Provided by Sequre

For dedicated service, premium burglar doors, a free quote, and advice about your enhanced high-security solutions, you are most welcome to chat with us as Sequre. Contact us now and look forward to the priceless peace of mind that accompanies all our Sequre physical security solutions.

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