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When it comes to security, it is essential that you regularly check that you have all the necessary systems and products in place to protect you. There are many different home and business security solutions available, and you can choose any one that fits your unique needs.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to home security is preventing intruders from gaining access into your home. You need to protect your family and your valuable assets, which is sometimes difficult to do if you don’t have the correct systems in place. Home and business security solutions have become essential and this is why you should work with a reputable supplier that can offer you the security products you need.

Securing Your Home

There are many ways in which you can secure your home. You can start by fitting security doors around your home, making it almost impossible for intruders to gain entry. Modern security doors like the ones from Sequre offer you the ability to slam the door shut, and it will immediately be locked. You don’t need to find the keys to be able to lock them, making it very helpful in an emergency situation. Security doors are ideal for any home as you can fit them to any of your entrances; you can also have them made especially for your needs.

Another great idea is to fit burglar bars to your windows. These are popular entry ways for intruders, so adding burglar bars will help to keep the bad guys outside. It’s fairly cost effective to do, and you can even fit them yourself if you are a DIY enthusiast. If not, you can always have a professional team fit them for you.

Always make sure that you have enough lighting in and around your home, as this is a popular opportunity that intruders look for. When it’s dark, they can easily intrude without anyone seeing them, but when there are a lot of lights around, they will think twice. Although you might have a slightly higher electricity bill, it is definitely worth the security benefit that lighting offers you. You can even fit day and night lights, so that they will automatically switch on when it becomes dark.

Additional security items that you can fit in your home include motion sensors and beams outside the home. These products can work to warn you if possible intruders are on the property, preparing you in advance. They do not prevent someone from entering, but they warn you when someone does. You can be put on alert and have time to close any open doors or windows to prevent them from entering your house.

Security for Your Business

A good idea for any business property is roller shutters. They can be manually operated or with the use of an electrical motor, and you can even use a remote control for added convenience. These roller shutters are very strong and durable, and they have an industrial look and feel, making them ideal for any business premises. You can also install security doors and burglar bars in your office building, to provide additional security.

In addition to these, home and business security solutions, you can always fit CCTV cameras on your premises, so that you can keep a watchful eye over your area. You may also record these videos so that you can see who entered your property, in the event of a robbery. CCTV cameras are very popular and many home owners have chosen to install them for all the security benefits they offer.

If you have old products that have been fitted many years ago, always make sure that they are still effective. If you have old sliding doors or gates, make sure that you fit spacers so that they cannot be lifted off of their rails. You can also replace old security fixtures with modern products to ensure they are durable and effective.

Sequre specialises in home and business security solutions and we provide a guarantee on our workmanship to all customers. We have been in business for more than a decade and have helped to secure homes and businesses throughout South Africa with our range of high quality security products.

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