security gate

Quality Security Gates.

Here at Sequre, we understand the need for good security in homes and businesses. For the past 15 years we have been developing our products and services, and keeping people safe across South Africa.

Our range of security gates are among the best in the world, and are very regularly put to the test here in South Africa. This climate of high crime rates leaves no room for an unreliable security product, so with many years of service and happy customers, you know we bring our A-game when it comes to quality and strength.

Our products also come with lifetime guarantees against attempted intrusions, where we repair, replace or refund the product in question. This comes in conjunction with a 7-year workmanship guarantee, expressing our confidence in the quality manufacturing of our products.

Status Gate

The Status models are a popular seller for homes and small businesses. These gates are composed of high quality coated components that we manufacture ourselves. 3 rows of 3mm cross-fights hold the gate together, giving it massive strength. These parts are also held together by our patented ‘power pins’, which resist tampering and handheld tools.

Deadlocks and slamlocks are both available, individually or both on the same gate.

Panther Gate

The beefed-up version of our Status range, these are a favourite of businesses that need to secure important areas, such as stock stores or server rooms, and also of individuals that want the very best security they can get.

These have an extra row of cross-fights, all of which are also bulked up to 5mm thickness, to make this the kind of barrier that stops wrecking balls. Of course, our power pins hold everything together for the best tamper protection, and these also come standard with both slamlock and deadbolt locks installed.


The Sequredor is a lighter version of our retractable security gates. It features no bottom or top rack and so can freely swing out as well as retract. These make perfect enhancements to your home security, securing side doors or internal doors and passageways. Having control of strategic walkways in your house with barriers like this can make a huge difference in the case of a home invasion, and their slamlocks makes it easy to quickly close off an area.


These welded frame security gates do well in similar applications as the above product but with increased vigour. Their strong frame and double pin locking system make them all the better for deterring attempted entries. These really shine as barriers at points of entry like external doors.

All of our products and services meet high-quality standards like the ISO 9001:2000, which set out international standards for consistent and effective service. To ensure this we operate our own production facility with state of the art CNC, powder coating, rolling and tube processing machinery. This allows us to continually observe and enhance the production process for maximum quality results.

We can also produce customized gates, based on the requirements of our customers. Simply let us know the dimensions, features and colour you require, and we can provide the barrier you need.