How many news reports have you read stating that the robbers entered the victim’s house through an open and unsecured door?  With over 50% of all burglaries taking place while the victims are home, it goes without saying that high quality and affordable security gates can save your life.

 High Quality

 It is also important to realise that the security gates must be strong and made from high quality materials. Simply installing a homemade security door will not help unless you use high quality steel or aluminium. With aluminium, the doors are lightweight and easy to close and open. At the same time, the metal cannot be cut easily and thus creates an effective barrier even when you are not around. All our products are made from the best quality materials to withstand even the harshest attacks and hammering. Indeed, the frames are sturdy enough to withstand harsh pulling, pushing and even outright attempts to break them out of the walls.

 Affordable Gates

 The second important factor in securing your valuables and safeguarding your family is to look for affordable options. Note that marketers may very well play on your emotions and fears to get higher prices for their security gates. You need to strike a balance between affordable and quality. Don’t buy cheap as you can be assured that such doors or gates will not be effective in time of need. Buy affordable, yet, high quality and functional gates, as available from Sequre.

 Secure Rooms not in Use

 More often than not, families are robbed while they watch television in the family room or barbeque on the veranda. If you are not using a specific part of the house immediately, simply slide the affordable security gates close and know that even if the robbers enter from a room far away that they will not be able to get to the rest of the house.

 Enclose Verandas

 When you visit with friends on the veranda or patio, you are vulnerable. Your guard is down and because everyone is laughing and chatting, burglars have the element of surprise on their side. With the high noise level when people socialise, it is easy for criminals to enter the premise undetected. The next thing you know they are pointing guns at your guests. It is a preventable situation. Simply invest in a roll down or slide security gate that can enclose the entire veranda opening. In such an instance, you can then still barbeque at night without becoming the victim of an armed home robbery.

 Secure the Hallway & Rooms

 While an alarm system is highly effective in alerting one of a possible intrusion, it cannot prevent the intruders from coming to your room. You need something that can warn you such as a dog or alarm, but also need to have a barrier between you and the criminals. You can install our high quality and affordable security doors in the hallway to secure the sleeping area and thus protect against unpleasant surprises at night.

 Window Protection

 Normal burglar bars can easily be removed or cut. You want burglar bars that will be too tough to cut and will protect the whole window and not only the ones that can open. Our retractable security doors and the roll down units can be used to secure the entire window. Keep the keys for each where you and your family will have access to such, but out of sight of people working in your home. This type of burglar bar can be opened should you need to get out because of a fire or indoor threat. It is neat and attractive, yet, sturdy and will protect you from intruders coming in through the windows.

 Get a quote today and safeguard your family home with our high quality and affordable security gates.