Get the Best Trellis Door Prices in South Africa

Get the Best Trellis Door Prices in South Africa!

Sequre is one of the leading and trusted suppliers of trellis door type window and door barriers in South Africa. Our prices are affordable and we offer excellent service in addition to manufacturing guarantees. When you shop with us, you will thus benefit from affordable trellis door prices and our superior after-sales services.

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Why Buy Retractable Barriers?

The retractable security gates and window barriers are used by retailers, schools, and home-owners to protect against unwanted intrusion and theft. Indeed, trellis door refers to retractable type barriers which are lightweight, yet, sturdy and weather resistant. We supply high-quality trellis doors to companies and home-owners in South Africa.

We believe in providing customers with the best possible deals and thus regularly offer discounts on our retractable security doors. Simply view our specials to ensure that you get the best prices. Sequre is a SABS ISO: 9001 certified company and you can thus expect only the best quality trellis doors from us.

Types Available

We offer several types of trellis door systems. In essence, the gates or doors can be used as burglar bars comprising of a bottom and top rack with vertical uprights which are connected by flights. The uprights have concertina-like operation. When closed the concertina is expanded. With this system, the steel bars can be retracted to completely open the space which can be a door entrance or a window. The doors are also fitted with slam, double and normal key lock systems according to client requirements.

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The trellis door systems offer numerous advantages over static burglar bars and security gates, some of which are briefly mentioned below.

Weather Resistance

The trellis doors available from us are powder coated and galvanised steel barriers that can withstand harsh weather conditions. This is important for aesthetic appeal and of course, to minimise maintenance. In addition, the coated barriers will last for years to come. With the special coats the doors and gates are protected against corrosion, which not only affects the look and feel of materials, but also the strength and durability.

Aesthetic Appeal

Trellis can be completely retracted when needed and as such, retailers don’t need permanent burglar bars over their windows. The trellis-doors also have the benefit of looking great even when closed. This is important for home-owners who don’t want unsightly burglar bars over their windows, but still need the safety that barriers offer.

Affordable Prices

Even though trellis doors can fit in a variety of spaces and we provide such customised to fit the spaces as indicated by clients, the doors are far less expensive than conventional type security gates and doors.


Though the ease of cleaning windows without having to do so through burglar bars may not be one of the top reasons for buying “trellis door” type security barriers, it’s something worth considering. Easier cleaning of window surfaces also means less time spent on cleaning and thus more time for other important tasks.

Space Savers

With the doors running on a slide path, you don’t need additional opening space. When opened, they take up even less space than when closed.

Extra Protection

With most of the doors fitted with slam and dead lock systems, extra security is possible. The slam lock works on the principle of the door locking when you slide it into the close position. The dead lock system has always been a hassle for burglars and comes with double lock action. This makes the locks extremely difficult to pick.

Fast Protection

In the instance of an assailant attempting to enter the premises when the security door is open, you can quickly slam the door into lock position. With normal security gates you have to physically close and then lock the door with a key. This can take far too much time, giving the assailant the upper hand.

Get Out Quickly

Get out quickly when you need to. Simply unlock the window trellis door barrier and slide open. With this type of burglar protection on the window you won’t have to fear getting stuck inside your house.

Sequre Status II Retractable Security Gates at Affordable Prices

The Status II retractable security gates have 13 by 13 mm flights and boast a registered design. The extra slot support stainless steel rivets combined with galvanised rolled top and aluminium bottom racks have anti-twist functions. The barriers are easy to operate and because of the slide mechanisms feature extra smooth operation. We fit the gates with slam and dead locks for double security, ensuring your protection. View more details under our products section and call us today to discuss your particular security barrier requirements.

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