Find Peace of Mind: Install Folding Security Gates at Your Home or Office from Sequre Today!

In South Africa, we have a particularly high crime rate, and securing your property against unauthorised intruders is now a necessity that we cannot live without. Nobody wants to have their property violated or possessions stolen, and least of all, a property or home invasion. Security has become a major concern, and it can be very restrictive and aesthetically unappealing, so finding a secure method of closing doors and windows is really important. Folding security gates have gained huge popularity in all kinds of situations. Because they have a concertina-like ability to squash all the bars together into a compact little space, they are very practical and easy to use, while still providing outstanding security.

Folding security gates can be used in just about any space. A lot of people use them for sliding doors. In summer, you need a good breeze through the home, yet leaving sliding doors open can be a security risk. Folding security gates allow the glass doors to be open to enjoy the fresh breeze and ambient climate, yet restrict unwanted entry to the home or office.

Folding security gates are not new to the market, but only lately, new technology has allowed for slam-lock folding security gates to be developed and become available on the market. The requirements were that the door has to be easy to close, and should lock shut the moment the door hits the lock. This has been an outstanding development in the security industry. It allows people to venture outdoors, and if there is a treat, such as an unwanted intruder, they can run inside and simply slam the folding security gates shut. The intruder is therefore left outside of the property with no way of entering it.

Slam lock folding security gates have provided people all over the world with peace of mind. The traditional folding security gates required someone to lock it from the inside, whereas the slam lock type folding security gates enabled one swift movement to slide the door into a locked position. These doors are created according to an exceptional design and extremely hardy materials, which means that they offer protection in all kinds of different situations. They are even used in wildlife situations or zoos where swift escape from a potentially dangerous animal is vital.

One of the best things you can do for your family or employees is to invest in slam lock folding security gates. Not only do they enable people to remain safe, but they also offer people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of gentle breezes throughout the building without having to stress about unwanted intrusion.

If you are interested in the best kind of folding security gates for your space, give our team at Sequre a call. We specialise in helping our clients to find the best security gates for their particular spaces and environments. Because we realise that not all doors are the same size, we can even design custom-made folding security gates according to your particular needs. Give us a call today to find out more!