Fortify Your Security with Slam Locks

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Fortify Your Security with Slam Locks: Instant Protection, Peace of Mind.

Most security-conscious South Africans are familiar with the term “slam lock”. As such, our customers at Sequre realise that it’s beneficial to have security barriers that feature security-fortifying slam locks, without really knowing more about the marvellous security systems that continue to keep people and their properties safe, unharmed, and intact.

Sequre Retractable Security Barriers: Instantly Secured with Slam Lock Technology

Our sought-after Sequre retractable security barriers feature a slam lock, combined with a deadlock for extra security, because we recognise that when you want one of the most effective locking systems available to protect your premises in an instant, you may not have time to find and fiddle with separate keys. You want high-security locks and barriers that provide effective home security solutions.

Your slam lock technology ensures that your security gate locks instantly, the moment the gate is forcefully closed (slammed shut) and the lock engages. After this, it’s tamper-resistant and virtually burglar-proof, whilst you remain safe within the sanctity of your home.

In some other countries, vehicles like vans and “normal” wooden doors may be fitted with slam lock systems in an effort to keep goods in transit, people, and homes, plus their contents, safe.


However, in South Africa, an additional security barrier, such as our highly efficient Sequre retractable security gates, provides an extra fortifying security layer when installed at doorways and windows. Our security gates with slam lock technology are visible from the outside, which provides the additional benefit of discouraging unwanted criminal attention, attempted intrusion, and burglaries.As the old saying indicates: “Prevention is better than cure”.

Numerous Protective Applications

There are many more applications for these remarkable safety measures. Retractable security gates may be used in passages, at hatches, on patios and shopfront display windows, and in numerous other areas, where security is of paramount concern. Sadly, in this country, this means almost anywhere and virtually everywhere.

According to the latest crime statistics for 2022/23, housebreaking has become the most common household crime. Fortunately, there’s a Sequre product, installed as a fixture or as an operable, moveable barrier – ideally fitted with a fortifying slam lock – which protects from, deters, and prevents break-ins, burglaries, and potential harm to a home’s occupants.

For the DIY Sector

Whilst our professional installation teams fit the majority of our security barrier solutions, we also produce a range of DIY security gates for this sector of the market. Two variants are on offer – a retractable, swing-away gate and a welded swing gate, which opens like a door. As expected, a DIY slam lock system serves to fortify the barrier to which it is fitted.

Fortify Your Peace of Mind

When it comes to safety and security systems, we at Sequre are quickly becoming a preferred distributor and supplier of quality, affordable physical security barriers throughout South Africa and beyond. Knowing that your premises’ safety is enhanced with our home security systems fortifies your peace of mind too.

As everyone knows, peace of mind is simply priceless. Contact us at Sequre today to ensure that your home is secured with our physical barriers with slam lock technology, where applicable, since you’re also investing in your valued peace of mind.

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