Exploring Roller Shutter Gates

roller shutters

Exploring Roller Shutter Gates.

Sequre is a company that specialises in supplying and installing effective security barriers. One of our most popular products is the roller shutter gate, which combines a variety of desirable features to create a unique and highly effective security solution. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of roller shutter gates in more detail, discussing the key components that make them so effective, their historical context, and the importance of reliable and impenetrable security measures in today’s world.

Aptly Named Roller Shutter Gates

By breaking this product’s name into its separate components, one realises that a roller shutter gate combines a variety of different desirable features. In turn, these combine to form a unique, highly effective, and sophisticated security product.

These barriers are nevertheless extremely reliable, very secure, and easy to operate, providing that the gate is correctly installed by a professional contractor, such as Sequre.

roller shutters

A Look at Rollers

Most roller products have one thing in common. The material that forms the body of each product rolls up neatly on itself so that it forms a roll of metal, fabric, bamboo, or composite material. If the material is solid, the roll is made up of slats, which enable it to be quite tightly rolled up, creating a neat, space-saving “cylinder”.

The roller concept is also a popular feature of certain window blinds. Unlike roller shutter security gates, interior roller blinds aren’t classified as a security product. However, they do offer a measure of security in that intruders are unable to see who or what is inside to tempt them to break in.

Gates that Offer Security

Since ancient times, gates have been used to secure entry and exit points to and from walled or fenced-off premises. For umpteen decades, entire cities were walled and gated to keep inhabitants safe from danger and attack by enemies.

In order to provide or enhance security, a gate or similar barrier should be strong, durable, and easy to engage and operate, and should remain as impenetrable as possible and be intruder-proof.

In addition to the visible security measures provided by our roller shutter gates at Sequre, they screen and/or prevent others from viewing the contents of the premises, something which invariably tempts criminals who are on the lookout for goods that they can convert to “easy” money.

A Lifetime Security Guarantee

Our roller shutter gates suit this security brief perfectly, which is why we’re able to provide a lifetime guarantee on these (and other) Sequre products. If any of our barriers are breached or damaged during an attempted break-in, we’ll repair or replace them at no charge, or we’ll refund the amount that the customer was charged initially. That’s how confident we are in our security products and services.

Roller Shutter Gate Options

Combine the best qualities of these products, plus a selection of unique registered and patented design innovations, and there you have our roller shutter gates, which may be successfully utilised to secure properties’ entry points and as secure garage doors and also at doorways, serving hatches, windows, passages, factories, warehouses, and shopfronts.

Customers may choose between two types of roller shutter gate slat materials – attractive, stylish, lightweight, powder-coated aluminium or robust, durable, plain galvanised or powder-coated steel.

Additional options include a selection of slat types and powder-coating colours, plus various methods of operation. Motorisation is a popular, convenient, and practical choice.

Boost Your Security Now

Fundamentally, the security of your premises, the people within, and your belongings is only as good as your security measures on-site. Contact us for a roller shutter gate quote now.

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