Enjoy The Many Security Benefits Of Roller Shutter Gates From Sequre!


Unfortunately, most people in South Africa are vulnerable to crime, and if you have an office, business premises, factory, or home that needs to be protected from unwanted intrusion, roller shutter gates are very practical. They are usually created from steel, which makes them strong and corrosion proof. They are highly robust obstacles, and very few people can actually find their way through them to gain entrance to your premises. They can be motorised and automated, and this just adds to the ease and comfort of using them.


  • Visual Deterrent: One of the main benefits is that they act as a very effective visual deterrent. Because they are so robust, not many people will attempt to get through them. When your property is spotted by criminals, your roller shutter gates will put them off and they are then much more likely to seek out another property that is less effectively protected. Most criminals wish to gain access and exit easily and quickly, and doing this with roller shutter gates in place is virtually impossible.


  • Protects Against Looting: It is a sad fact that political marches in South Africa are frequent and sometimes get out of hand. If you want your shop to be protected during any type of looting or acts of vandalism, these gates will ensure that looters or unwanted intruders cannot gain access to your premises easily. This helps to keep your stock and your office premises secure.


  • Storm Proof: If there is a particularly violent storm, roller shutter gates can protect windows and doors from breaking when objects blow against them in high winds, or even in serious hail storms.


  • Light, Safety, and Ventilation: Often, they are used where large open doors are, like in the garage or a large open patio with roller doors. Solid gates and doors may provide great protection, but they also block out sunlight and air flow. The advantage is that they provide total safety, while still allowing air and light to flow through the building. This means that you can enjoy the cool breeze yet still feel safe if you are working on a project in your garage or protected work premises.


  • Aesthetically Appealing: While security gates in the past have not been the most attractive objects, modern technology has enabled companies, such as Sequre, to develop highly attractive security gates and roller shutter gates. The industrial feel of older security doors has been replaced with more attractive options that seem less invasive and prominent, while still providing high security levels.


At Sequre, we specialise in the manufacture, sales. and installation of retractable security barriers. Our roller shutter gates are created specifically for clients, and we custom-build according to function, location, and measurement. This means that our clients get a specialised design that is created specifically to be practical and offer outstanding security. We have been in the industry for fifteen years, and as a result, we have a lot of experience and advice to offer. In addition to this, we also have highly effective and attractive products. Give us a call today for the ultimate in terms of protecting your property!