Enhancing Your Property with Steel Gates

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Security Meets Elegance: Enhancing Your Property with Steel Gates

Another year has passed, so it’s customary to reflect on where we stand by evaluating the highs and lows, strengths, and areas for improvement in our lives and how we live them. This also includes your property’s security measures. Is your property well-protected from unauthorised intrusion and opportunistic burglars? Have you invested in quality, effective custom steel gates to prevent criminals from having a go at getting into your premises to rob you of your possessions, or worse?

Steel Gates’ Pivotal Role

Steel gates have a pivotal role to play in providing strong, durable security barriers with which to protect everything and everyone you hold dear, and that also includes your own safety. Steel is widely acknowledged as an exceptionally strong material, which is why it’s one of the most popular choices for the manufacture of security barriers.

Not All Custom Steel Gates are Equal

Not all custom steel gates are equal. It’s not necessary that they’re fabricated to resemble functional yet unsightly prison bars – barriers which may detract from the aesthetically pleasing and smart elegance of your pride and joy – your residential, business, or industrial property.

Why Choose Steel

Steel is an alloy that is derived from iron, a naturally occurring metal. Other elements, particularly carbon, are added to iron in order to produce steel, whilst additional production processes, which usually include various types of heat treatment, give steel a variety of useful properties, such as strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. As the result of numerous alloy additives and subsequent treatments, there are more than 3,500 different grades of steel available throughout the world for a multitude of specific purposes.

Because of its strength, steel may be perceived as being very heavy. However, although exceptionally strong and robust, our custom Sequre steel security gates are not excessively weighty. These products are designed to retain the strength of steel, despite being sufficiently lightweight to operate smoothly and with ease – if installed correctly.

Great Gate Designs by Sequre    

At the mere mention of “steel gates” pertaining to security and safety in South Africa, many are likely to picture motorised heavy, robust swing or sliding gates that permit or prevent cross-perimeter access through the premises’ entry points. Alternatively, hinged steel gates, fitted to exterior doorways, typically also come to mind. As important as these barriers are, there’s considerably more to the design and application of custom steel security gates.

Our design expertise offers customers a variety of options, designed for more diverse applications. Our steel gates – the Sequre DIY range, Panther and Status retractable gates, and our roller shutters – are particularly attractive and elegant, as well as highly effective – some of the most sought-after characteristics of well-made security gates.

How Sequre Benefits You

First and foremost, the primary purpose of effective security steel barriers is defensive – safeguarding properties, people, and possessions from unwanted intrusion, potential danger, and damage, whilst improving the function of any other security measures that are in place. Additional benefits include:

  • Peace of mind
  • Opportunity to customise gates
  • Enhanced aesthetic elegance
  • Free online quotes
  • High probability of paying lower monthly household and vehicle insurance premiums
  • Unauthorised intruder deterrent
  • A more attractive option for potential buyers or tenants
  • Increase in the property’s value
  • Sequre guarantees

Contact Sequre

Why delay? Start a secure new year today. Contact us now for all your elegant steel gate requirements and enjoy many more allied benefits that include customised fabrication.

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