You often hear people say that keeping burglars out with burglar doors & gates only works for honest criminals.  An honest criminal doesn’t exist and although many burglars break down doors and gates, the barriers slow down the process.

 DeterrentKeeping Burglars Out with Burglar Doors and Gates

 If the robbers or burglars want to get in through the doors and have the right tools and a vehicle to pull the burglar doors & gates out of their frames, they may succeed with some effort. However, for most part, the barriers are highly effective in deterring would be thieves.

 Slow-down Effect

 Criminals normally monitor the neighbourhood before breaking and entering the homes of victims. If you live in a street with neighbourhood watch, the barriers may very well slow down the progress of breaking in enough to cause alarm.

 Connect to Alarm

 If you connect the barriers with an alarm and light system, which in turn can be connected to the 24 hour armed response centre or send a notification to your mobile phone when tampered with when you are not at home, the burglars will not get the chance to enter.

 Secure EntrancesSequre Trellis provides a range of security gates and security solutions

 Studies have shown that burglars often enter through the bathroom window and the home doors. You thus want to secure the weak areas with double lock system security gates that can slide open and are in sturdy frames carrying the weight equally. It is imperative to make it as difficult for the robbers to enter your home as possible.

 Protect Your Family

 Although perimeter fencing and security are essential as the first line of defence, if the criminals succeed in passing the perimeter, you must have something between your valuables and them to not only slow down their activities, but to protect your family should they be at home.

 Many homeowners now also install the burglar doors & gates in the hallway to the bedrooms and often install additional doors at the bedrooms. Because it simply doesn’t make sense to live in a prison if you live in a democratic society, you will want to install the roll gates or slide types of security doors in the hallway and at the rooms. The doors can be left open in the house, and with the slam lock system can quickly be shut in case a burglar has entered one part of the house.

 Create a Barrier

 The above security measures can very well save your loved ones from brutal attacks in the middle of the night or day and give them enough time to call for help. With the gates between them and the attackers, they thus gain distance, protection and time until help arrives. The slide doors are aesthetically appealing and when retracted will not create the feeling of a prison.

 The slam lock system is essential as you will not always have the key at hand in a crisis and will most probably not have enough time to slam the door close and lock it. With the slam lock system, you simply slide the door fast into the lock position.

 Lower Insurance

Keeping burglars out with burglar doors & gates is possible also because criminals look for the easiest targets. The doors act as visual deterring aids. Insurance companies now demand security doors and gates to ensure lower premiums. Not only will you thus reduce the risk of burglary or serious injury, but also reduce your insurance costs by having as much as possible mechanical security.

 Mechanical security such as burglar doors is always active, unlike electric based systems which can fail or be sabotaged. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have alarms, beams, electric fences or motorised gates. It only means that you need double security to avoid becoming a victim of theft or robbery because of a false sense of security.

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