3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Effective Burglar Proofing from Sequre


It is a sad fact that South Africans now live with the daily threat of break-ins and home invasions because the crime rates in this country are so high. Nowadays, it is very rare to spot a home or office without some form of security measures. These could include anything from the installation of burglar proofing to a full-scale security solution that includes electric fences, alarm systems, flood lights, CCTV cameras, security gates, and even security guards patrolling the premises.


It is evident that people feel threatened, especially at their most vulnerable, including when they are asleep or when they are absent from their premises. Getting a guard dog is no longer considered to be as much of a threat to intruders, as dogs inevitably get poisoned or eliminated in other ways when intruders really want to get into the premises.


If you are currently on the lookout for highly effective burglar proofing, you can get these from our team at Sequre. We do, however, recommend that you take a few factors into consideration before you make a decision about which type to install. We stock a range of highly effective options that will work in most situations, but you have to gather information on the following factors first.


  1. Get Your Measurements Right: It is important to know which areas you want to burglar proof and what the measurements of these places are. Ensure that the measurements of windows or other areas where you need to install burglar proofing are accurate. Remember that it is not just the window surface that has to be measured; you also need to measure the amount of space between the interior sides of the window frame.


Also get a measurement on the height on the inside of the window space, and the width of the window interior. If you are unsure what and where to measure, one of our consultants from Sequre will be only too happy to help with guidance and measurement. We will also be able to provide valuable advice about the types that will suit your building and your needs the best.


  1. Bylaws of The Neighbourhood: In some cases, certain neighbourhoods are very particular about the type of burglar proofing that can be installed, especially if the area is considered a heritage site. Certain gated communities or housing estates can also have their own rules and regulations when it comes to the maintenance of a streamlined aesthetic throughout the area. Speak to the estate manager or security personnel to ensure that you know which types will work best and which types are not allowed.


  1. Visual Appearance: Security is vital, yet you do not want your home to look like a prison from the outside. There are now many different types on the market that will have a minimal impact on the aesthetic appeal of the home. Certain types can even be completely clear, and others can be pulled down like shutters at night while still providing protection during the day. Effective security measures and curb appeal do not always go hand in hand, but if you speak to our team at Sequre, we can provide you with burglar proofing that will not detract from the look of your home.


For more information about highly effective and unobtrusive security measures, contact our team at Sequre today!