Burglar Door

Stopping Burglars At The Door.

It’s an old cliché to believe that the world is getting crazier now than ever before. For decades, our elders have said “things weren’t this bad when I was your age”. Unfortunately, when it comes to crime statistics, this old sentiment has a ring of truth to it. We know that burglaries and other serious crimes are going on around us every day in South Africa, and don’t even make it to the news most of the time.

So, each of us must take responsibility for our own safety, and at Sequre we are motivated to enable individuals and businesses to enhance their security with quality products. Below are some general home security principles that every South African should know and adapt to; it might make all the difference one day.

Know Your Vulnerabilities

Good security habits begin with knowing when you are most vulnerable. Most home burglaries, and indeed most crimes, take place at night, so don’t allow complacency to creep in by leaving doors or gates unlocked until you get ready to go to sleep.

Arriving at your door, especially at night, is a time when we are particularly vulnerable to robberies and hijacking. A good habit, where possible, is to open one access point at a time. For example, your driveway gate should ideally be closed before you open the garage door or front door. This makes it tougher for burglars to gain access to your property for a quick and easy entry and exit.

We are also more vulnerable if we appear to be good targets. Be aware of these cues, like jewellery and cars, and the people who could be seeing them, and take precautions to make it less enticing to target you or your family.


Short of Doom or Mortein bringing out a burglar-be-gone spray, we have to deter criminals in a range of other ways. The classic spiky wall is one such measure, that brings mixed results depending on the style and placement. It’s no use to have a fence with pointy tips when there are wide and smooth brick pillars every few metres.

Warning signs are another good deterrent. Get a “Beware of Dogs” sign even if you don’t have any dogs. Other signs that mention CCTV, electrical hazard or gun ownership are also good options. Each one of these deterrents adds up in the mind of a burglar, who is usually trying to find an easy target.

Access Control

Besides barbed wire and locked doors, controlling the possible paths through your house and property is very important in the case of burglary. If possible, segment your yard into two or more gated areas, such as separating the front and back yard, so that it is not a simple task to walk around the whole house silently or without keys.

Similar, inside your house, place security gates at strategic points such as passageways and garage doors, so that even if a burglar gets into your garage, or through a window, you can make it hard for them to get to you and your family.

Have a look at our security products to start securing your safety today.