Different Types of Security Gates for Sale

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Security Gates for Sale – How to Choose a Supplier

Who you buy your security gate from is directly related to the quality and level of protection you’re getting. Although most options may have similar traits and appearances, the materials used may vary. And sometimes you can even purchase the exact same product as your neighbour for half the price they paid, just by shopping around.

To determine which seller has the best deals for the highest quality products, you first have to know what you’re looking for in a safety door.

Different Types of Security Gates for Sale

There are multiple styles of security gates, or burglar barriers for sale, depending on the place, level and type of protection you’re after. Some of these are:

  • Retractable steel trellis – These safety doors are opened and closed by sliding them from one side to the other. Possibilities for locks include slam-lock and deadlock options. They’re perfect for residential and commercial properties, at any exit or even to provide access control within the building. If you’re placing the gate in a tight-area, these are perfect as they don’t take up additional space to operate. We stock three different models of retractable barriers for sale.
  • Swing gates – This is the more common type of barrier that operates similarly to a regular wooden door. Our version offers a double pin-lock function and can be customised to your preferences. These are more aesthetically appealing and, thus, are great for securing the main entrance at your home.
  • Roller shutters – For the utmost of comfort, these are an impeccable choice, as they typically come with a motorised operating system. These are right for you if you’re looking for added security at your business, garage, or storage space. They’re vertically operated by rolling up and down and come in either aluminium or galvanised steel at Sequre.

What to Look for in a Supplier

If you already know the types of security gates for sale that you want to purchase, you can start by browsing the catalogues of sellers to see if they have that specific item in stock. After finding the products you want, it’s important to check the delivery options and whether or not the supplier offers installation services, and if their products are affordable.

security gates for sale

When comparing prices between companies, keep in mind the materials used at each. Some might be more expensive because the supplies used to make them are stronger and the design more durable. Inspect the specifications of each option carefully.

Why Choose Sequre for all Burglar Barriers?

We manufacture and distribute our own range of gates, specially designed for added protection. You get to choose between multiple options for sale, styles, prices, and all details of products are available on our website. We have branches spread across South Africa in the following areas:

  • Western Cape
  • Johannesburg North and West
  • Pretoria and Johannesburg East

With many years of experience in the industry, you’re guaranteed of getting a top-of-the-range security door for sale from us. We also offer Layby options if you don’t want to pay the full price of the product at once. You can even order from our custom gates to suit your needs and get quotes directly online.

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