Installing steel gates at home is no longer a choice, but is a necessity. If you wish to be safe and secure within your own home you need to create effective barriers between you and potential criminals. True, nobody enjoys living in a prison when they are free and that is why we assist by installing retractable steel gates at home.

 When shopping for steel gates or security barriers consider the following:

  •  Where the gates must be installed
  • Total number of gates needed
  • Windows to be secured
  • Cost of the installation and gates
  • Aesthetic value

 Location of Gates

 The area where you want to install the gate is important because it will determine the size of the gate required and the type of gate needed. You will for instance, want several easily retractable security doors within the house to protect the hallway and various bedrooms at night. With the easy slam lock system you will be able to leave the interior doors open and should the need arise to quickly create a barrier between you and a criminal; can slam the door close for immediate lock and protection.

 Total Number of Gates to Be Installed

 Count each home entrance as you will need stronger gates at the home entrances. If possible, always have the security doors installed a metre from the door to create a safe distance between you and potential criminals who knock on your door. Some people install a second retractable door in front of the home entrance and when thus opening the front or back door have two gates between them and the criminals. Also count interior doors to be secured and the veranda gate. Note such and the measurements when you place an order or request a quote.

 Windows to Be Secured

 Although burglar bars certainly help to deter criminals, you can ensure that you can get out when needed by installing retractable steel gates over the large windows. With that then, you can roll down or close the gates when you leave for holiday and make it as difficult for criminals to come into your home as possible.

 Cost of Installing Gates

 When considering the cost of the gates and installation thereof, consider how much your life and valuables are worth. Also consider how much value you place on your sleep. If you are lying awake at night because of unsecured areas in your house then don’t waste any more time. Invest in the gates immediately to save on costs of potential burglaries and armed robberies.

 Aesthetic and Property Value

 Houses with adequate security reach higher prices on the market. It is, however, essential to install aesthetic pleasing steel gates as you don’t want your house to look like a high security prison.


We offer you an extensive range of secure retractable barriers and gates at affordable prices. Get peace of mind. View our range of products and request a quote today as the first step in securing your home.