Choosing the Best Security Barriers for Your Home

In this day and age there is simply no denying the fact that crime and activities of such are unfortunately on the increase. Every day a house is broken into and lives are endangered while goods are stolen by criminals. If you would like to protect not just your personal belongings, but your loved ones too, you will need to look into the various security features and items available on the market. Choosing the best security barriers for your home is quite an easy task when you are assisted by the professionals in the industry.

At Sequre we offer a wide range of retractable shutters and barriers to the South African market. Each of these is manufactured in accordance to the SABS ISO 9001 guidelines and quality standards. We are based in Pretoria, but will happily transport your ordered items to your door, anywhere in South Africa. In addition to our retractable shutters and barriers, we also present a range of burglar bars, security locks and security gates to the market.

We are a team that is confident that our level of service and quality of our products is of the utmost highest possible quality. Our number one priority is your safety and with this in mind we manufacture our products to last. Being durable to the attempts of criminals, the products on our catalogue are guaranteed to meet with your needs.

When it comes to selecting the right products from us, it is as simple as chatting to one of our knowledgeable and experienced sales agents who will present you with options that suit your specific needs. We ensure that our clients are provided with 5 year inland and 3 year coastal guarantees against faulty workmanship and the general operating of the unit. When having the unit installed, the professional assisting you will not only show you how to operate it effectively, but will also ensure that you are provided with a care and maintenance booklet so that you can keep your new barrier in the best possible condition going forward.

If you would like assistance with choosing the right items for protecting your home, then there is the option of filling out a quick contact card on our website. We will then ensure that a knowledgeable and helpful consultant is in touch with you to provide you with useful advice and even look at the various products available with you.

Our team can design and make up security gates and features according to specifications provided by you, so make sure that you are in touch with us should you require something to be custom made. Professional agents can visit your premises to correctly measure up the area and ensure that the correct item is ordered and manufactured.

At Sequre we take the time to help you with choosing the best security barriers for your home. Browse through our product catalogue online at your leisure and choose from a range of options that simply will not let you down.