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Safety First with Security Shutters

Established in 2001, which equips our company with a tad more than 21 years’ experience, expertise and commitment in our craft, Sequre is a South African company that specialises in the manufacture, customisation, supply and installation of top quality residential, commercial and industrial security barriers, a range of safekeeping systems, which includes security shutters.


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Reliable Roller Shutter Gates

Reliable Roller Shutter Gates Enhance Commercial Security

When one looks at today’s amazing array of sophisticated commercial security and safety measures such as roller shutter gates, it’s almost impossible to acknowledge that there was once a time when they didn’t exist, because they were not needed.


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Lock Your Security Gate

5 Reasons to Lock Your Security Gate at Night

If you live in a high-crime area, it’s possible that you’re already enforcing safety measures at home through security gates and burglar bars. However, many of us are less conscious of our surroundings, and can sometimes forget to lock doors when we leave for a quick walk with the dog or to make a trip to the shops.


Steel Gates

Install Steel Gates

Install Steel Gates to Help Prevent a Home Invasion

If your house has been invaded by criminals at one or another stage, you know the value of having a security system in place. If you haven’t yet experienced the devastation of coming home to an empty vessel, with all your leftover belongings scattered across the floor, consider yourself fortunate.


Burglar Gates

Buying a Security Gate

Everything You Need To Know About Buying a Security Gate.

All South Africans are aware of the risks that come with not having proper burglar-proofing in place and the importance of a security gate at the front- and back doors. These measures don’t only make it safer to leave valuables at home, but also keep attackers from reaching you and the people you care about. However, with so many options out there, it’s difficult to know which are the best to buy, and where to purchase them at an affordable price.


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Looking for Security Bars for Sale

Security Bars for Sale: Benefits of Installing Them.

There are multiple reasons to look for security bars for sale in South Africa. First and foremost, they deter criminals from attempting a robbery at your home or office. It also helps to give homeowners or business owners some peace of mind, knowing that belongings and individuals are safe from harm. Besides, they’re a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade a home in value and safety.


Expandable Security Gates

Effective Burglar Doors

Burglar Doors and Other Affordable Security Procedures.

Is there a way to secure your property without spending a fortune?  If you’ve ever felt like you have to do more to protect your home, but don’t have the cash to spend on security company protection, don’t give up. There are many affordable ways to go about securing your dwelling, though some are more essential than others. Your priority is to prevent criminals from gaining access to your safe space long enough for you to phone the authorities. The best method to achieve this is through the installation of sturdy and durable burglar doors.


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Burglar Proofing Your Home the Secure Way

Sequre Trellis – Burglar Proofing Your Home the Secure Way.

To strengthen home security isn’t the first thing on a new homeowner’s mind, but it should be. Burglar proofing the premise is a priority when moving into a new dwelling. The days of leaving doors unlocked or windows unbarred are long gone. However, as long as you follow a few simple steps to ensure the safety of your valuables and loved ones, you don’t have to panic. You can enjoy life in South Africa as normal.


Expandable Security Gates

Burglar Gates For Access Control

Burglar Gates – Tips To Keep Criminals Out.

As South Africans, we are aware of the dangers that lurk at night and the necessity to secure our houses against thieves. A great way to do so is by purchasing and installing burglar gates from a reliable manufacturer.

Your first thought on safeguarding your home should be how you can block off all routes of access to your house. To achieve this, you’ll want to barricade windows with window bars and secure doors with burglar gates. See our extensive range of security products to help you do this.


Security Gates For Sale

Slamlock Security Gates for Your Home or Office

Get Slamlock Security Gates for Your Home or Office.

With the recent unrests in South Africa, it’s now clearer than ever how important it is to control access to your commercial or residential properties. Slamlock security gates prevent burglars from entering your residence and can even save your life. Sleep sound at night, knowing that you’ve taken the right measures to secure the safety of your valuables and loved ones. Buy security fixtures from Sequre, a trusted supplier with a track record of over 21 years.