Transparent Burglar Bars and Security Bars

What do You Know About Transparent Burglar Bars?  Your home is your castle, not your jail. You should not feel imprisoned in your own house, just to sleep soundly at night. Transparent burglar bars are fast rising in popularity across South Africa as an alternative to traditional – and obtrusive – burglar bars. These burglar bars are entirely transparent, allowing for more light to enter through the doors and windows of your home, in contrast to obstructive and unattractive steel or iron bars. CONTINUE

Burglar Proofing Your Home

Saving On Insurance in South Africa Premiums with Burglar Proofing

One thing insurance companies don’t like is risk. Insurers are more than interested and vested in keeping insurance claims to a risk. This logically follows that insurance companies will reward you for reducing the risks associated with insuring your property. One way of doing this is to take every possible step at your disposal to eliminate the threat of theft or burglary from your property. By doing this you will also reduce the risk that your property will be subjected to a burglary and insurance companies really like that. CONTINUE

Security Door and Window Specialists , Manufacturers & Installers

Security Door and Window Specialists, Manufacturers and Installers

South Africa often faces prominent crime issues of which there are a high percentage of rapes, murders and assaults, burglaries and other crimes. Violence in South Africa is seen as a justified and necessary means of resolving conflict. The high level of marginalization, poverty, social exclusion, inequality and unemployment has also contributed to the high crime rate.